Valentine present Vampire books



This year for Valentines day I was given a stack of Vampire the Masquerade RPG books. I am extremely happy for getting them. I used to have a huge list of White Wolf RPG books I wanted to collect one day. Vampire the Masquerade is a game setting designed by White Wolf. I used to play Vampire card game by White Wolf competitively and RPG setting is one of my favorites.


Both the card game and the RPG books were printed back in the nineties and early 2000. This used to be my favorite past time. The background and stories with all the intricate mythology that was developed for these games are something I can still remember by heart.


These were all bought used and I’m still very happy with finding them. I hope to get to reading them and playing the games more. This has also peaked my interest in collecting more of them.


Vampire the masquerade is a role playing game of intrigue. Vampires are divided by origin into clans and  politically into factions. As opposed to traditionally fantasy oriented Dungeons and Dragons setting this one is more complex for players. It requires a lot less dice rolling and a lot more actual role playing.


I was surprised to see that Clanbook formats are A4. For some reason I always thought they would be smaller than that.


I am currently on the look out for more of these and my big wish is to get the Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition. It has been printed as a collector item back in 2011.



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