New books August 2017


After almost four months of abstaining from getting new books I’ve finally had some new additions to my collection. The guilt trip for the all time low amount of  reading has managed to settle down a bit since I’m working on finding my reading mojo again. To celebrate I ordered some new bookish delights. Around a month ago I had to storage two smaller bookshelves to make room for the actual furniture ( silly I know! Why would anyone need furniture when you can have bookshelves??? ) And now I’m overfilling the rest of the bookshelves once again…


Much Ado About Vampires (Dark Ones #9) by Katie MacAlister

This book was actually a present my friends brought for me from their trip to Portugal. They made a great effort of finding a book in English for me and I will make an effort to read this silly book. I’ve read one of the books from this author before but I’m not sure which one since it got lost while I was moving from Shelfari (</3) to GR.  Might even read the Shakespeare Much Ado About Nothing first.


Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

This one is actually for my boyfriend. Since the trailer for the upcoming movie came out I thought he would like it. I might read it too. Heard some really good reviews for it as well. As a child born in the eighties this is supposed to be the perfect novel.


Shadow’s Seduction (Immortals After Dark, #17; The Dacians, #2)

by Kresley Cole

This is one of the urban fantasy series I read and collect. This one is part of a Dacians plot line which is the most interesting for me. I got frustrated since the format of the book I got is a bit different and bigger than the rest of the books I already have. Aaaand just realized I missed the sixteenth book of the series!


Sweet Ruin (Immortals After Dark, #16) by Kresley Cole

So I just ordered this one from BD (Book Depository) It was really bugging me that I missed it.I think it was the cover that I’m not too pleased about. I had to….


Queen of Dragons (Drakon #3) by Shana Abe

This book was what prompted me to buy this whole bookish goodies batch. I was in a mode for UF romance with dragons! I already started reading it an I’m halfway trough. I read first two books years ago and there was something about the historical England, Earls and dragons in particular. It has a really shiny cover design and its kinda cheesy. Right now cheesy works for me and I’m going with it!


This would be all for a while. Need to get my hands on the book I already own and actually want to read.

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