Trip to Essen Spiel 2017


This year for the very first time I have made the 1600 km trip to Essen Germany for the annual Essen Spiel fair. For the better part of the year we were putting money away to make the best of the trip and come back with our bags full of games. There were eight of us and we rented a van. The seventeen hour drive from Osijek, Croatia to Essen, Germany was an adventure on its own.


Veni, Vidi, Vici!

The fair lasted for four days but we were there only for first two. As it turned out this year Essen Spiel set new records in the number of exhibitors and visitors. As the boardgaming community grows so does its industry. There were a little over one thousand new board games (including numerous first translation editions in German, French and some other languages) to buy and see in over six big halls.

We were there on a shopping spree and shopping we did! This is the picture of our FIRST day loot before we stored it away in the back of our van tetris style.


I got my most wanted new bookish game this year – EX LIBRIS by Renegade Game Studios. There was a hold up on the customs from China with the games for some of the publishers including Renegade Games Studios. For the whole first day there were only some few demo games available. The games for sale including my pre-ordered Ex Libris arrived little after noon on Friday day two of the fair. I remember being happy for games actually arriving and finally getting the one I wanted.


We spent whole of two days at the fair walking around and buying games. It was busy and hectic with people and noise. With all the games both used and new there were sellers of old and used books and some new gaming books as well. Among all the games we bought I managed to sneak in one graphic novel I love. I did a review two years ago when I first read it and if you are interested you can read it HERE.


We also visited The Dice Tower show and it was just great feeling the energy of the crowds. Next year we hope to go again and enjoy the whole four day experience! Until next year here is the picture of the games my boyfriend and I brought home with us!



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