TBR Jar Draw 2017 Overwiev


I started the project TBR Jar Draw in March 2017 with the idea to tackle on my growing To Be Read list. What I had decided to have the best chances of success with were the books I already own and have not read yet. After searching trough my GR Want to read books list I found 82 titles of books I already own. I proceded to write each on a little pink piece of paper and put them all in a small decorative jar.



From March 2017. I read eight books after I pulled them from the TBR Jar. I read them with aproximately one a month pace. After I pulled out and examined all the titles in a TBR Jar I found three more titles of books I put in the TBR Jar but have read without TBR Jar Draw. That makes eleven books I have read that were titles I have owned and could be remover from the TBR Jar.


Considering the pace I used to buy and acquire books has somewhat slowed down since I first started The TBR Jar Draw project I am happy with my results even though the amount of books in my Want to read category on Goodreads is only slightly lower than when I started – In March 2017 my Want to Read category had 382 titles while today it nmbers 377 books. I realized that adding books to my Want to read list is something I do not want to limit is such a way that makes me miss out on some great new books. Instead I am now fully concentrating on making more responsible decisions when buying the books I want to own.


After anylizing my results I realized I did not think on adding the books I bought in 2017. to the TBR Jar. Now I am left with two choices:

A) Let the TBR Jar get empty completely

B) Add books I bought in 2017 retroactively and continue with adding the books I buy in the future

After some consideration I decided to make the TBR Jar Draw project a permanent reminder to read more of the books I already own and to try to contain the hoarding habits within reasonable and explainable limits.

Therefore I decided to go with the option B) and add the books I bought since the project started. I will continue to be adding new books as I buy them. This made me add another 22 titles to the TBR Jar. I wrote down titles I found browsing trough some of my bookshelves and I do believe there were some I probably missed …

In this manner my TBR Jar Draw project continues and I hope to have even better results next year when I make another overwiev and tally the books I’ve read 🙂

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