Boardgame introductions


It all started out as a way to make something out of my free time. I have an account on and since last year I have been steadily uploading pictures of games I own. I have been into board gaming for a few years now and I even helped start a local board gaming club named Klub Titan Atlas.

You can check my BGG account –> HERE

In February I have tried out making short video introductions for boardgames. I found a free video building application named Bitable. At first I tried picking out some lighter and easier games I own. There is this quite annoying watermark on the videos since I have a free account. There is a paying option but I’m not sure how long will this making videos business last.

This is a link to my makeshift Youtube channel where I publish the videos:

Fantastical Emporium

Here is a video I made for the game Bring Your Own Book

So far I have made a few videos per week. I hope to continue with making these short videos since I enjoy making them!

Any ideas what game would you like to see as one of these short videos?

2 thoughts on “Boardgame introductions

    • As a part of a bookish pack I loved that game since the first time I saw it. It is very easy to teach to many of my bookish friends and I hope to share it with even more people this year. I only recently started making these little introductory videos and I am very happy with how Introduction to Bring Your Own Book turned out. Thank you for all the positive feedback 🙂

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