Ready Player One – Book Review


Finished reading

Ready Player One

by Ernest Cline



I originally bought this book for my boyfriend. He read it and loved it. some of his friends read it in the meantime as well and they were all hyped together about how amazing this book is. I planned on reading it before move comes out and I barely managed to make it before any bigger spoiler from movie trailers. The hype was real as were the high expectations from this book…


I can’t say I managed to keep up with all the pop culture geeky references, but this book was a thrilling ride to be sure. If anything, it made me want to be more geeky than I happen to be! Some things were dear and familiar to me and some less so. What stood out for me in this book was the actual love author managed to reflect for the time period, hobbies, games and most of all – authors and artists of the eighties. I loved how Steven Spielberg as one of the people this book pays homage to is the one directing the movie adaptation!


As much as I loved reading about the Oasis and everything amazing in it, I truly enjoyed reading the bits about how the real world was altered to accommodate for people who live in the Oasis. Reading about how equipment and everyday things needed to plug into Oasis came into factor, made the story more real for me. From what I’ve seen in the trailers of the movie some parts were definitely cut out. It has been almost seven years since this book came out and some of the issues that started getting into focus all over the world since last two years or so have a voice here as well. I find that amazing and an excellent proof that this book will have its place in many readers hearts for years to come.


This book made me realize that my hobbies and love of games have a much more bigger role in my life than I was aware of. It was indeed endearing to read about how ones passions can prove to be very important in the grand scheme of things – even when those passions might me considered traditionally frivolous and sometimes even frowned upon as a waste of time.



I liked the story and characters and most of the tidbits really clicked for me. I am glad I got this book and read it before watching the movie since I know that even with the famous Steven Spielberg directing this “Goonies” of the 2010-ies I don’t believe the movie will stay too true to the book. It will probably highlight the things cinema can present more clearly but I will treasure this first reading and my own personal understanding of the book. Highly recommended book indeed 🙂



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