Book a Day August


This August I have decided to explore the books I have read due to a book club assignment. Most of these books I have started reading ONLY because of the book club. While some of the 31 books I’ve chosen to talk a bit more on during August I found intriguing even before they came up as a required reading for the group most of them are not something I would just pick up and read on my own.

17677_10205948942594153_7796732548907256251_nOne of the first few meetings I was on back in 2015.

Some books we read together were really not my kind of reading material. Some of the books surprised me in a good way. Book club gave me a reason to finish some of the books I think I would not otherwise.


I discovered books and authors that made my reading resume much more mature. Book club reading gave me an opportunity to read outside of my comfort zone. I was not a fan of every book we read and some were particularly hard to read for me.


And I was especially glad to contribute to the growing library of books our little book club read with my own choices. In my posts this August I will look back on some of the books I would not be reading without a little push from the book club. Every day one book and my shorts comments on how I remember the reading experience.

Not every book I will post about inspired me to write a review and it will be an interesting experience for me to see how I feel about it all after a longer period of time has passed.




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