Book a Day – Bonjour tristesse

Book a Day I read because of my reading club – August 2018


My book club read this book sometime before summer back in 2016. I totally skipped on both the book and the meeting. I don’t remember why I was not there. What I do remember is that when the book was announced for a reading assignment I was not too thrilled. I did not know the author and mostly anything about the book itself.


In our book club in January each year we decide to talk about books we read trough the year in general and those who wish can read a book that they missed reading trough the year for some reason. So I read this book during December 2016 as a part of a catch up on the books I did not read in time for the book club meeting.

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What I remember the most about it is the hot summer setting and some sappy characters. Bonjour tristesse by Françoise Sagan was first published in 1954. and caused a lot of controversy due to its depiction of female sexual awakening and morally ambiguous situations. I’m sad I missed out on the discussion. But I’m glad I read it during winter since reading about hot summer on the coast of Franch Mediterranean was a very pleasant experience. The chill of winter totally faded out before descriptions of sandy beaches and warm summer afternoons. I liked the book and rated it with high four star out of five.

My review at the time was very short:

Emotional and messy. I liked it for dreamy and silly ideas with profound afterthoughts.