Book a Day – Unterstadt

Book a Day I read because of my reading club – August 2018



I kinda got surprised when I saw the date I read this book. It was a book I read way back in 2014. For the second birthday of our book club we had a big celebration and had a guest author Ivana Šojat-Kuči. Our book club now has four groups and we all decided to switch in reading Unterstadt so we can communicate better with the author.


Unterstadt was a very popular book based on some of the things that actually happened in my hometown Osijek in the past. It is a fictionalized account of things from the perspective of three generations of women in one family. Balkan was and for the most part still is a very turbulent place geographically, culturally and most of all politically.


The actual plot of this book is set further down the street that I live in and Unterstadt means “Down town” in German. It was a very emotional and upsetting book for me. I cried and often had to take breaks from reading. I was seriously stressed out while reading this book. I made a short overview on it in my Monthly reading review for November.

Book was latter transformed into a theater play but I never really wanted to watch it  since reading the book upset me so much.