Book a Day – Little Women

Book a Day I read because of my reading club – August 2018


Way back in October 2015. I made a list of Classics I want to read. And on that list I put Little Women. I have only picked it up and started reading because of the book club assignment. It was a rather recent book club pick – April this year. I did not finish it in time for the book club meeting. I had a serious love-hate relationship with this book.

Love or hate

I have posted my thoughts on the reading experience only briefly in the Monthly reading review – May 2018 I started reading in March and only finished it two months later in May. Firs part half of the book was very frustrating with the second part being a bit easier to trudge trough.


Even with some very memorable profound phrases I found the book terribly outdated and naive. Needless to say that while some other readers from the book club had issues with this book but none of them were as vocal and loud about it as me. Maybe it was just me…Oh and for the rest of the classics from my list?…I have not even started on any of them …