Book a Day – Soumission

Book a Day I read because of my reading club – August 2018


Michel Houellebecq is a controversial and award-winning French novelist. Translated to English title of this book is Submission. It was our book club pick for December 2016. It was not exactly a happy holiday book. Back then our country was in the middle of EU migrant crisis. This book was published only one year earlier – 2015. I like to coddle myself with books and this is not something I would ever picked out on my own.  Here are my thoughts on the book and reading experience from my Monthly reading review – December 2016


This thought provoking book was merciless in taking out the theme everyone was trying to handle very carefully. While some hated the author and his work others were inspired to heavy nationalist movements all across EU countries. The book club discussion was heated and we talked a lot about what we have seen and heard in news and in real life.


This book was hard to read for me since the original is published in French and I was none to pleased with translations I could find. It was frustrating to read bad translations in a book where wording matters and where each word holds a heavy dose of satire mixed with real life possibilities. We agreed that fear and ignorance are the worst possible reactions and those can be remedied with a little effort. The world felt especially heavy place at that time and it reflected in our book club meeting as well.