Book a Day – Steppenwolf

Book a Day I read because of my reading club – August 2018


One of the rare books I decided to rate with one star rating on Goodreads was Steppenwolf by Herman Hesse. This book was not a good experience for me and reading was exhausting. I did not write a review on it but my note was:

I did not like it. I did not understand the point. It was exhausting and boring to the point of putting me to sleep after 10 pages into a reading session…

This one is generally a fairly recent read from April earlier this year. I was not the only one in the group that was confused by this book. There were few others that had problems with it as well.


I am still confused when I think about how reading this book was for me. I did not understand any of it and the main character seemed like it was some poor sap trying to keep the “Weltschmerz” going for himself…