Book a Day – A Brief History of Time

Book a Day I read because of my reading club – August 2018


This is not our usual book club reading material. We sometimes explore out of the bounds of novel form but not often enough. To be fair this book was my suggestion. We read it for March 2017 exactly one year before the author died.


I used the opportunity to get my book club to read this book to give myself more reasons to read this book. A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking was not an easy book for my fellow readers to read. Not many of them many of them managed to finish reading up until our meeting.


For someone who is not so familiar with the matter at hand reading process took time and it was a learning experience in many ways. Knowing you lack basic knowledge to follow up with some of the chapters was sometimes frustrating and while I’m glad we read this book next time I would definitely think better before suggesting something like this.