Book a Day – The Circle

Book a Day I read because of my reading club – August 2018


When I went back and found out that my book club read The Circle by Dave Eggers way back in October 2015 I was more than a little surprised. We did read it before we knew anything about the movie adaptation and one other group in our book club read it again after that.


The Circle is an excellent book for discussion and I loved how it was written. There are many thought provoking ideas any book club can tackle in this book. It is one of the rare books I enjoyed reading in Croatian translation as well. I remember wanting to go back and make a review afterwards but I did not find time right after reading and latter it slipped my mind entirely.


I still did not watch the movie either even though I was interested about it when I heard it was made. I would like to recommend this book for everyone since it speak about the topic that is very current and real for many who can’t seem to find a balance using mass media platforms and apps. I like how it reminded of some of the older SF masterpieces.