Book a Day – A Doll’s House

Book a Day I read because of my reading club – August 2018


I decided to finish my August Book a Day journey with one rather recent book my book club read – A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen. This was our book for May this year. We try to be careful with books that are required reading in schools. Those are not always available when students need them.


We were very active during our meeting and debated on life choices women face regarding family and work. Expectations and realities crashed. At one point we even dubbed Nora, the main character, a gold digger! This book stuck out as one of the most thought inspiring for me from all the recent book club reading choices.

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The reason I picked this book to talk about last is the sense of promise and possibility it made me feel at the end. I decidedly enjoyed reading this book and found it to be very optimistic. This stuck out even more when we discussed how the book was received trough the years.