New books in September!


After reading mostly books that I already owned for my Summer reading challenge 2019 I decided to buy some books off my wishlist. I only got two and both of them were on my radar for a few years now!


Kitchen Princess Omnibus, Vol. 3

(Kitchen Princess #5-7)

by Natsumi Andō

I got hooked on this manga while I was still working in a bookstore and discovered them by accident. I managed to get my hands on first five out of ten total volumes right then. Later I found out how difficult it is to find single volume editions these days since the original manga was published in English translation back in 2005.


After long considerations I decided to move onto omnibus editions that are basically 3 in 1 volumes. I got omnibus 3 that consists of volumes 5 to 7 which leaves me with only one volume extra – Volume 5. Next omnibus is the last one and I might get it after I read trough this one as well.



(Shifters #1)

by Rachel Vincent

This is another book series I was intrigued by but haven’t actually got to reading it that is over a decade old! I can’t explain what exactly got me to finally grab it and buy it but I’m glad I did! I found some encouraging reviews on it and I think I will love it. This will be start of a new series to read and collect but the good news is this one is done and it only has 6 books total!


It came out as a surprise at how chubby both of these editions are! I expected the manga omnibus to be a bit bigger but Stray really caught me by surprise. I hope I will get into both of them soon!


There is one other book that is new for this September. It’s the one I already read and reviewed – Lost Boys: A Reverse Harem Bully Romance (Crazy Vicious Love #1) by Eva Ashwood. This one is a digital book I got on Kindle.

You can check my thoughts on it HERE.


I’ve been thinking about one other book series I’ve been reading in the digital edition – The Dartmouth Cobras by Bianca Sommerland. I’ve read first five books of the series and there are total of nine books so far. Next book in the series – Iron Cross, I’m thinking of getting soon so I can continue after few years from the last book I’ve read. I wonder will my reading experience change with the years that have passed.

That would probably be all of my new bought books for September but I still have plenty of already owned books on my shelves and there is always a local library in case of emergency or book club reading assignments!

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