Bookshelves showcase 2019


After finding some older pictures of my bookshelves I got a bit nostalgic. It was interesting to see the growth in the amount of books and how differently they look after moving into bigger space and with more bookshelves in general. Back then I had very little room to maneuver all the books I started hoarding and I used all nooks and crannies as places to hold books.


As a part of blog site reconstruction I┬ádecided to photograph all my bookshelves as they are now. Only I will be putting more focus on the books themselves. One of the things that will need revision is the main cover photograph of the blog. It is quite old and I can’t seem to find the original picture anywhere.


I made a new page under the Bookshelf porn category on this site and named it Bookshelves 2019 showcase. It shows most of my books and how they are placed on the shelves. If you are interested for more detail you can check it out HERE.

I have different editions of books. Some are in English and some in Croatian. Some editions I buy are strictly from American publishers and some book series I only buy UK editions of. For the books from Croatian publishers I try to pick hardcover editions if possible but there are exceptions to all of these when the opportunity presents itself. Most of the shelves are bare but I do keep some bookish related stuff among my books.


My bookshelves are no longer crammed in any space I can fit them but spread more evenly in the space I live in. I deliberately choose white color for the bookshelves because it makes the books stand out more. Along with them I have many shelves filled with board games but those are a topic for some other post.