Moonlight Ménage – Book Review


Moonlight Ménage : Bisexual and Gay Threesome MMF Romance Novel

by Karen Klinger



When I first got Kindle I would download and get any free e-book I could find that would seem at least a bit interesting. It has been years since I went and got a Kindle freebie and while I was looking for what I could find this one popped up. I won’t claim I understand the way Kindle search engine works but most of the times my searches come up very colorful. I was interested in this one because it was new – it was released in the month I am writing this post. I wanted to see how new freebies compare to those I remember since I often find books I got as freebies before to not be free anymore.


I expected a short explicit story with traditionally summed up fantastic characters. I did not expect to spend more than a few minutes on it and scroll away in search of some cool new story for my Kindle library. The fact that I’m writing this review shows just how much wrong I have been about that.


The full title of this book as it is listed on Amazon store is Moonlight Ménage : Bisexual and Gay Threesome MMF Romance Novel. While that is certainly more than it can fit into one whole row of text it is also a bit deceiving in terms of content of this book. I find the title to be unnecessarily vulgar and misleading. Don’t get me wrong – for the most part the title is somewhat accurate but in my experience it implies a story that is sexually explicit and this one just isn’t.


It starts out slow and the characters are all introduced in a rather vague way – like the reader is just thrown in the middle and these character have already been trough at least half of the book. I had to go with the flow and take this for granted – something I was already prepared to do anyway. The story is also written for point of view of the characters and they switch around with chapters which gives some insight into their point of view and how they think.


There was one point somewhere at the beginning of the story where a werewolf was crudely compared as giving off friendly dog vibes that made me cringe and almost leave it at that. The threesome of the story gave of sadness instead of some wild passion and eroticism. I decided to categorize this one as drama.

I have no problems with reading HEA – Happy Ever After stories. And this one would be fine except for the few dramatic plot twists that surprised me. While most of the similar stories tend to be repetitive and predictable I found I was interested in how this one was going to pull trough.



This is a simple and quite muted HEA fantasy romance with a bit of drama. Other than the protagonists themselves and their gender there was nothing offensive in the way the book was written which makes me think that this book ended in the wrong category of Kindle recommendations section. It’s only around 200 pages long standalone story.
The characters were a bit more underdeveloped for story to be engaging for me as a reader and at times I felt this was a skeleton story of a bigger book. I wished author has left more time in the story for character introduction and development since I would have loved for them to be given a better backstory than what was only hinted. This way it reminded me of a fan fiction to a story I should already know.