Books turned into TV series hype!


The latest book series that have been announced to be turned into a TV series by Netflix is The Shadow and Bone Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo also known as The Grisha Trilogy. Now, I must admit I have heard of this author and these books; but in the sea of other books and book series, this one just got lost as one of the many new books that I hear about. And these books aren’t even that new – the first book of the trilogy was published in 2012!


What got my attention is the news it will be turned into a TV series by Netflix and the casting news that included Ben Barnes. I have no clue what is the character “General Kirigan” that he is supposed to be playing. I tried a sample of first five chapters download on the Kindle and I liked it quite a bit! In those sample chapters there is a fan favorite character named The Darkling and some portals and news refer to Darkling as being the role Ben Barnes will be playing. I am interested and confused at the same time. Most of the other cast members I had to look up and was not familiar with their previous work. But to be fair I have only heard about some of the characters from various Booktube videos.


I was wondering on buying the Kindle edition of the first book Shadow and Bone since the price is amazingly low for a YA mainstream bestseller that has just been announced to be turned into Netflix show. Very tempting though it was I decided that I would probably want a paper copy and the rest of the series as well. This lead to another bookish shopping spree I will be writing more about when the books arrive.


I have no problems getting into the hype for some cool book series that is expanding by getting a TV series, a board game or any other non book medium. I like being a fan of things. I enjoy the happy and exciting emotions I get caught into because of a good story and fun characters. I have embraced my consumer role in being excited for promo videos, action figures, fan theories and rants. I will be enjoying the hype train all the way for this and I hope the TV series will be a success and the books will be popular enough to be translated to many languages and read a lot. I’m looking forward to an adventure in adapting the books to a TV series format with all the little annoying differences that some of the book fans will obsess about. And most of all I am looking forward to a great new story and amazing new characters I will get to meet along the way.


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