Stray – Book Review



(Shifters #1)

by Rachel Vincent



I was looking for a good urban fantasy series with a strong female lead. This book drew my attention few years ago when I first came across it on a friend’s GR feed. I liked the general description and supernatural elements that were announced. It took me years to finally get the actual copy of the book and read it.



Supernatural elements revolve around a groups of cat shifters – werecats, that are indigenous to American continents. I liked the little info on the backstory that author slipped in trough main characters musings. The main character is a college age female werecat Faythe, that is trying to get more independence from the rest of her werecat family.

At first her absolute persistence of having as least possible contact with the rest of her family comes out as annoying and whiny. She is multiple times mentioning how she had ran away in the middle of the night and how her efforts at being independent are thought to be childish and dramatic. Trough the book Faythe is slowly learning to approach the subject more clearheaded and get more approval and independence.

“The moment the door opened I knew an ass-kicking was inevitable. Whether I’d be giving it or receiving it was still a bit of a mystery.”
― Rachel Vincent, Stray

One of the first things that made me enjoy the book was a dedication at the beginning that included another favorite author of mine – Kim Harrison. The writing style did not disappoint. I liked how the author did not shy away from uglier issues and themes like rape. But the aggression issues sometime seem like they just fly past unnoticed. There was something empowering in how the main character handles herself in trouble but her actions seemed a bit confusing for me outside of the emergencies.



I got exactly what I wanted from the first book of the series and I have sequels on the way already. I enjoy the energy main character has and will be continuing reading the Shifters book series.

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