Reading 2019 and 2020


Every January my book club has a meeting where we talk about the books we read last year, share our recommendations and experiences in reading. Our January meeting is later today and I’m going over all the books and reading I did last year. I did not plan on writing another generic post about the books read last year.


Last year was a sort of transitional for me since the first half of the year I read sporadically. Writing blog posts about reading books is kinda awkward when you don’t read books that much – I guess every reader goes trough a reading block phase sooner or later.

2019 1

It took me some time to find my reading mojo. I managed to keep up with book club reading for a time but book club picks are not always books I can enjoy. My motivation for reading is much more personal. I read for pleasure. It was only when I found a book that made me feel happy to be reading did I get back on track and started reading more again.

2019 2

Somewhere in summer I decided to plan my reading activities a little better and made myself a reading challenge to tackle on some books I already own. My summer reading challenge was a great success – you can check it out HERE. I read fifteen books in the span of two months and I enjoyed most of them quite a bit.

2019 3

With the promising results and the amount of the books I read that I already owned I was inspired to buy some new books. So after a while I got myself a quite a big pile of new books and most I already managed to read trough! I even made plans on some culling of the books I read and don’t plan on reading anymore. so far they stayed just plans.

2019 4

The most motivation to read more I got from reading the book series I already owned and the books I owned for years only to read them now and enjoy them so much I wanted to hit myself for not reading them sooner. I was reminded how much I loved fangirling and exploring the character and worlds from the book across other media as well. The announcement of some new TV shows based on books I read in 2019. made me very excited.

2019 5

I’m happy to report that my reading ended on a higher note for the 2019. I found a new author that I love and have since bought most of the books by that author I could get my hands on. I plan to share my find with my book club tonight! I can count on at least one to read it since some of the books are announced to be translated to Croatian sometime this year.

2019 6

I still have an ongoing reading plans and I hope to make them work with book club reading and everything else that life throws at me. I’m keeping most of my reading goals for 2020. tied to the books I already own. This is why I have made a list of thirty books I already own that I hope to read in 2020. I will make another post to explore the list in detail and make it easier for me to keep track of my progress.

2019 7

This blog is a big help for me to see how much I read. I have a Goodreads account and that is where I got the pictures I am using in this post but sometimes I find it more easier to navigate my Monthly reading reviews for results in a year worth of reading.


For 2020. I’ve chosen to challenge myself with reading 55 books. It is not a round number but it is a number I think is achievable for me based on the results of the previous year. I’m happy to report that my reading is doing great so far in 2020. I’m already ahead of schedule and have read a whole 3 books I already own in less that two weeks!

Hope your reading in 2020 is full of great books and adventure!



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