The Gospel of Loki – Book Review


The Gospel of Loki

(Loki #1)

by Joanne M. Harris



The Gospel of Loki was a book that caught my attention when it first came out now six years ago. I loved the theme and was intrigued by the main character Loki. Also I should mention that in the see of British editions of books this one was had of the most gorgeous covers I’ve seen. The more I looked at it the more I liked it! I got it right away but have not picked it up for reading until now. And the only reason it finally got to the top of my TBR was because I pulled it out for my TBR Jar Draw challenge – you can read more about that HERE.



By the time this book finally got my reading attention I already read Neil Gaiman’s Nordic Mythology and the whole Magnus Chase trilogy. Why is this important? Well most of the plot is quite the same as Nordic Mythology and the same plot twists are mentioned in Magnus Chase trilogy as well. It as a bit like reading something I already read in a way.


The narrator Loki and his perspective gave the book a new life though. Anyone who likes Tom Hiddlestone’s portrayal of Loki will like this book as well. The stories from the Norse mythology are told trough Loki’s perspective and he is an excellent commentator for fabulous and surreal nature of these stories. He starts off as humble and attention seeking creature and rolls off to bitter highs and entertaining lows.



As much as the stories in this book were mostly already known to me I liked that this book has a different approach to Ragnarok. I liked the witty and sarcastic wording and the dry humor. I truly believe that the author has captured the spirit of Loki in this book and has managed to make it more endearing to the readers despite some obvious character flaws that are morally wrong or at least questionable. My favorite thing about it that it has a sequel and that I already have ti on my shelf! The are both very beautiful books I love having on my shelf!

I can honestly recommend this book to all those who like to read more from Norse mythologies and like the character of Loki.


3 thoughts on “The Gospel of Loki – Book Review

  1. As I’ve seen them on your shelves I can now say that the camera can’t capture their really beauty.
    Nevertheless they are pretty.

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