Overachieving 2020 Reading goals

There is nothing like a global pandemic to make a person find time to stay at home and read more books than they thought possible in a year. So many bookblogers and booktubers have had to remake their reading goals for this year since they have managed to read their goal in half a years time. Since I fit into this category I got inspired to make an update to my reading goals for this year as well.

Rising the number of books I want to read this year seemed the logical step and choosing the right number proved to be a bit of a challenge! I tried to keep the number of books I want to read in a year as realistic as possible. I used to want to reach that magical 100 books in a year mark but few slow reading years made me vary and fail miserably. The number 55 was chosen because I knew I could read 50 books in a year and wanted to add that extra few books to push myself a little bit.

I used to believe that with a few years of reading I could cut my TBR to single digit numbers but that soon proved to be a fools errand. My TBR is a living and growing organism that has remained mostly the same for years now even thou I have read at least the third of it in that same time frame. I made a conscious decision not to try to curb my TBR and add books to it as freely as I want. For me reaching a number of books needed to be read in a years time to make a serious dent in my TBR is like running under the rainbow – it gives you a goal to strive to but will never really happen!

This brings me to my problem with numbers: since I read around 60 books in the first six months of this crazy year do I translate that into doubling the number of books I will read this year?

For some reason I am not that optimistic and the number that comes to mind is adding 50 more books to my reading goal for 2020. This will bring my starting reading goal up to 105 books. Since it has been a few years since I’ve actually read that many books in a year I am a little apprehensive.

Adding another 50 books to my reading goal will mean I will have to stick to reading around 7 books a month! Since there are some serious books I want to read this year that might be a real challenge. What worries me is that in the first half of the year I have read more books a second time than in the last five years combined. I have never given much thought to rereading books since there are so many new and exciting books that come out each year. It takes me a lot longer than most avid readers who blog and post videos about books to catch up with what is new and hot in the book world.

But then again this is no normal year and trying to judge anything by it might be the dumbest thing I can do…

Right now I am doing only what is logical to do: admit that my reading tastes and habits will be influenced by this crazy year 2020. Change is inevitable and necessary. Since I already did my reading goal for the year I should give myself some more challenge to continue reading by the end of the year more than I thought I would. This will give me some interesting results and I will feel better about this rereading phase I found myself in. Who knows maybe I get an idea for next year and make some more changes on my bookshelves future and present!

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