Welcome to my blog!

rptThis is me with an armfull of book packages!

My name is Ana and this blog started out as a creative output while I was working a non fulfilling job. I used to work in a bookstore in a shopping center and read a lot of books in my free time. Books were always close by and reading was a natural way to pass the time and be better at selling books! I’m currently unemployed and reading is a sort of therapy as well as a hobby.

back blogThis picture was taken at Essen Spiel 2019 in a cozy booth with bookish wallpaper!

I have a strong affinity to books and stories. When I was little I loved reading compilations of short stories but now I tend to love long book series best.

In my spare time I am a book and board game hoarder and here are the links to my Goodreads account AnastasiaAdamov and my Boardgamegeek account Buffybot

I also have my own Youtube channel where I post short introduction videos for different board games – Fantastical Emporium 

I’m interested in books as a medium and their cultural value.

I live in a small town called Osijek in a small country called Croatia.


I am slowly rebuilding some pages and content on this blog so please have patience 🙂




18 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi,

    I’m producing a project that I think might make a good news story, and I’m wondering if you’d be interested in writing about it?

    We’re creating a graphic novel adapting Richard Connell’s “Most Dangerous Game” into a sci-fi graphic novel. Hunt or be hunted!

    This is a project we’ve been putting together for a while, and we have excellent artwork. We are trying to not only produce a great and entertaining graphic novel, but make one that is accessible to students who may or may not have read Connell’s original work. I will even be including a teacher’s guide inside the book with questions and activities about the story.

    So far our project has been covered in the Examiner (http://www.examiner.com/article/the-most-dangerous-game) and on DigitalJournal (http://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/2105205).

    More information about the project (including additional videos) is here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1210719219/the-most-dangerous-game

    Many thanks for your consideration!

    James Mascia

    p.s. If this isn’t something you think is appropriate for you to cover, I’d be grateful for any referrals to other reporters and/or bloggers covering sci-fi, writing, or comics. Thanks!”

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  3. Hi Ana,

    I really like your book blog! And since you’re such a bookworm, I thought I’d ask if you’d want to join our review community.

    At Discovery, we’re 1,500 reviewers strong and dedicated to spotlighting gems of the indie publishing world. As a reviewer, you’d be given exclusive access to free advanced reader copies (over 250 new books are added each month), as well as a chance to connect with fellow book lovers.

    If you’d like to become one of our trusted reviewers, you can start by applying here: https://reedsy.com/discovery/reviewers/apply?source=cf

    Let me know if you want me to send over some more information! You can also reach me via victoria@reedsy.com

    All the best,
    Victoria, Community Manager at Discovery

    • I would love to join but my numbers in viewers are way under those your submit form options suggest. My blog is a hobby and a form of therapy. I started it as away to track my reading. I am not sure if I could fit in.

      • Hi Ana, we just ask for this information to create your profile, however, view or follower count don’t matter at all! We mainly care about your review style, so if you’re happy to write 200-300 word reviews with an introduction and body of analytical commentary, it would be a good fit. 😊

  4. Hello! I am a science fiction fan in the United States, and I am attempting to collect every translation of William Gibson’s “Neuromancer” worldwide. I have been unable to find a copy of the 2001 Croatian translation (Done by Predrag Raos). If you have any idea how I could find this book, please let me know!

    • Hello to you too! Unfortunately Croatian edition is out of print for some time now. I got mine on a library sale and have still not gotten to reading it. I’ll let you know if there comes a new edition sometime.

      • Thank you very much. Also, if you don’t enjoy it, I wold be happy to buy your copy. 🙂

      • I would also be happy to trade for something that you really want, but haven’t been able to find. If you have a “want list,” that is…

      • Ana, I just thought of something. There is also 2018 Croatian translation, and I should be able to get another copy of that. What would you think of a trade for your older edition with me sending you both the newer one AND a book or books from my collection? If it’s Neuromancer, I can offer a signed copy, in either English or Spanish. Or an extra copy I have of the Polish translation. Or an Omnibus edition of the whole “sprawl” trilogy in German, Dutch, Swedish, or Norwegian. Or an audiobook in English (abridged, on Cassette, read by William Gibson, or unabridged on CD). Or if there’s some other book you’d like to get (English would be fastest), I could buy and send that. Please let me know? I saw you wearing a Harry Potter shirt, do you have “Tales of Beedle the Bard” and all of theater secondary books? Send email for a private discussion?

  5. Hey Anastasia, I’ll just throw this out there, and then leave you alone. I have definitely found a source for the 2018 translation of Neuromancer, so I could offer you that PLUS anything else that’s on your wish list, in exchange for the 2001 translation. Please just let me know.

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