Authors and Book series I love!

I have many authors whose work I keep coming back to. Sometimes it is a strange love/hate relationship and sometimes it is the respect I feel about authors work and influence.

Here I will present some of the authors that have made an impression on me trough their work on paper or in person.

Also I have a tendency to read many book series. Here I will add some of book series that are living on my bookshelves.

I will try to explain what made me like them enough that I had to have them!




Will Eisner – November 25. 2015

Book Series Showcase – October 22. 2015

Book Series Showcase – October 22. 2015

Anita Blake Book Covers – August 6. 2015

Urban Fantasy on my TBR – March 16. 2015

The Witcher Dec 14.2014

Book Boyfriends Dec 01. 2014

Diana Gabaldon Outlander  – Nov 19.2014

Kevin Hearne  Iron Druid Chronicles  Sep 05. 2014

Penelope Douglas Fall Away series Aug 27, 2014

Patricia Briggs – book series presentation Aug 22,2014

Laurell K. Hamilton – wishlist presentation Aug 19, 2014

Laurell K. Hamilton  – bookshelf showing Aug 3, 2014.

Buffy – Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Tales – Aug 05. 2014

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