Projects and happenings

This is a place for things I do that are inspired by Internet and blogging. What I post here involves not just me but also some other people or groups whose tastes and interests are in sync with mine. This will involve reading challenges, e-sports happenings I follow, real life dares that might even involve some physical exertions and then some!


Projects 2014

Reading challenge BF and me!

– Update to challenge August 2014

– Challenge review January 2015

Other projects:

Random Bookpile POOL  Aug 16. 2014 – RESULTS

Read Comic Books in Public Day Aug 28.2014

Graphic novel POOL Sep 4. 2014 – RESULTS

My Board Games Oct 10. 2014

Projects 2015

Bookish things April 19. 2015

Which Book should I buy next? May 10. 2015

Projects 2016

Bookish Challenge BF and I – January 2016


Projects 2017






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