TBR Jar Draw October update 2


After finishing off last TBR Jar Draw pretty quick I decided to make another update this month. Sometimes more than one month passes between two books I read for TBR Jar Draw and it is also OK when I manage to read trough more than one book in a single month!

Last three titles from the jar were:

1 # A Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire #1) by George R.R. Martin

2 # Suddenly by Candace Camp

3 # Bloodsuckers: The Vampire Archives (Vampire Archives #1)  by Otto Penzler


I chose to read Suddenly by Candace Camp. You can check my review HERE.

My three new TBR Jar draws are as follows:

The One-in-a-Million Boy by Monica Wood

I got this book as a gift from a friend. I think was a review copy for someone. From what I gather it is a contemporary melancholy book. Right now my main motivation to read it would be to get it off my shelf. It is not something I would buy for myself to read.

Railsea by China Miéville

China Miéville is one of the authors my boyfriend reads. The only reason I put it in my TBR Jar was curiosity. It is technically a book that stands with my other books on my shelves so it fits the reading challenge. I never read this author and I like exploring something new.

The Gospel of Loki (Loki #1) by Joanne M. Harris

I got this book when it first came out years ago. I was intrigued by the author and the main character. Latter I read one of the books by Joanne Harris and my enthusiasm dropped down a bit. I even got the second book without ever reading the first one! I’m wondering should I get down to reading it and stop buying books in the series I haven’t even started reading.


I’m seriously thinking about making a culling and a giveaway of the books I have finished reading and will never consider reading them again. It might be a good project for next year as a direct result of my TBR Jar Draw reading challenge!

TBR Jar Draw October update


In September I decided to continue my ongoing TBR Jar Draw challenge. Istarted it out years ago when I wanted to concentrate more on reading the books I already own and dial down the number of unread books I had on my TBR list.

You can check out my first post on it HERE.

Last month I drawn three titles from the jar:

1 #  Seven Seasons of Buffy: Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers Discuss Their Favorite Television Show by Glenn Yeffeth (Editor)

2 # The Emerald Talisman (Talisman #1)  by Brenda Pandos

3 # Lucky (Lucky Santangelo #2) by Jackie Collins

From them I choose to read The Emerald Talisman (Talisman #1) by Brenda Pandos and other two titles go back in the jar!

emerald tbr

The Emerald Talisman (Talisman #1)

by Brenda Pandos


I had to look up when I got this book and while I knew it has been a few years; to see it was more than 5 years it was a bit surprising. This book was one of the first Kindle freebies I got and the cover was never really that appealing for me to start reading I guess. The book was slow and the first half of it seemed almost boring watching the main character going trough her daily life. The second half of the book starts introducing the supernatural elements at a faster pace. This difference between first half and the second made the book seem even more slow and boring and might make some readers give up…
Second part of the book gives a good insight into backstory of the supernatural elements and those are well made. I’m a bit ambivalent towards the main characters since they are very much erratic in their YA decisions.


My three new TBR Jar draws are as follows:

1 # A Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire #1) by George R.R. Martin

I tried reading it when the TV show was just starting but had trouble concentrating in my reading since the TV show went faster than my reading. I pushed it back on the shelf to read after the hype of the TV show settles down. I have a hardcover edition in Croatian with a TV show jacket. I don’t think enough time has passed for me to give it another try…

2 # Suddenly by Candace Camp

I’m not sure I know how I got this book. One of my cousins returned it to me one day and said I lend it to them a while back. I have no memory of this. Book is well loved all worn and yellow. I might want to read it just so I can pass it on to someone else to read and make room for something else on my shelf.

3 # Bloodsuckers: The Vampire Archives (Vampire Archives #1)  by Otto Penzler

I remember snatching this book from a bookstore shelf along with two others. They make a trilogy of collection of short stories with a vampire theme. Among many unknown authors there are some well known and popular I never knew wrote short stories with vampires. I still like reading short stories and it might be time to take on these collections.


I like seeing progress with my TBR Jar Draw challenge no mater how slow. It gives me hope that I might get closer to reading all the books I have on my shelves.