Favorite cover artist – Daniel dos Santos



Few years back I made a post on pretty book covers of one of my favorite book series by Patricia Briggs –  you can check it out HERE.  I’m still a great fan of Patricia Briggs books and I’m happy to report that her collaboration with artist Daniel dos Santos is still going strong. He makes book covers for the US editions of both of her Mercy Thompson book series and Alpha & Omega book series. The series crossover from time to time and the visual representation on the book covers does them both justice.



Daniel dos Santos is an American artist well known for making fantastic book covers depicting strong women. For more information on the artist you can check his official page – The Art of Dan dos Santos. He even made a guide for the latest Patricia Briggs book in the Mercy Thompson series Smoke Bitten which you can check out HERE.


I collect mass market paperback editions and once I got interested in this series some seven years ago after seeing these beautiful covers I was completely hooked. The strong female leading characters of the booth series are portrayed quite realistically. The go trough hard times and they are flawed but the way they deal with their problems is inspiring. I have one short story collection he made a cover for as well!

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While there are some covers I like more than others I really cant decide which is my favorite one! I’m still behind one book in the series that came out this year for Mercy Thompson – Storm Cursed and I loved the next one announced already for Smoke Bitten!


Here are three of the books I own in mass market paperback that tie for favorite cover for me. Silence Fallen is the latest that book cover that woowed me at first sight. Silver Borne I have very fond memories of reading and I like the fact that Mercy holds a book on the cover! Bone Crossed was one of the strongest books in the series for me and I love how Mercy is portrayed in profile in the rain.

Dan dos Santos has made some other of my favorite characters and book scenes come to life trough his art and here are some of the ones I like the best! First one is from The Dresden Files series. Second picture is for the Graphic novel edition of Serenity and the last one is for Deluxe edition of graphic novel Fables.

There is something very subdued in the ways Daniel dos Santos book cover art and I find it a great fir for the urban fantasy genre. I love his art and his covers are an added bonus and value for the books I already love. Book covers matter to me and when I can I will pick the edition with this amazing cover art!


I think it is amazing when an artist and a book author make such strong partnership on more than one book series. I wish more artists and authors would do this. It makes me feel a lot better when buying a book series to know that the cover art was picked out with great care and will continue in the same style. I have a few book series that make me groan just by looking at them on the shelf because their discontinuity in the book design and cover art can be seen from a distance. #justbookishthings

Book covers all around the world – Anita Blake


I love good looking book covers. This doubly applies for book series I read and buy. Some of the more long standing ones I follow for more than a decade. One of the series I am a fan of for a very long number of years is also Anita Blake the Vampire Hunter book series by Laurell K. Hamilton

There is one edition of these books whose cover art was done by Luis Royo. It is sort of limited edition. And YES it is on my wishlist!

panorama special

I have bought first four books as a box set. A little coffin box set actualy.


Here are some of the book covers for first book of the series Guilty Pleasures. First there are some editions in english. Since the series started going out in the 1990-ies they vary in cover design.

ab panorama 1

ab panorama 2

ab panorama 3

I like this style the most!

ab panorama 4

This is the cover of Marvel’s graphic novel edition


Since I don’t speak some of the languages this book is translanted into there might be some other books from the series as well!



ab panorama 5

ab panorama 6

ab panorama 7

ab panorama 8

ab panorama 9

Unfortunately Anita Blake series has never been translated into Croatian.

What are you favorite book covers?