Passionate readers wanted


I’ve been browsing BookTube for a while now trying to find the people who read and discuss the books I love. I even tried some booktubers advice on how to find other booktubers that like books that I love. My searches have discovered some new booktubers – yes. But none of them showed a passion for the books I really love…

I thought about sharing more my own passion for the books I love but I don’t really see a point in venting that way since I am not a big fan of myself on camera talking. I think I lack the motivation for having my own channel on YouTube.


I’m going to use this blog as a reference to what I’m trying to say:

This blog is a way for me to do something slightly creative. I also use it to keep track of my reading and motivate myself to read more. This blog serves as a reminder of the books and activities I enjoy.

I used to read a lot of fanfiction in college. Looking for fanfiction and browsing forums back then was a way for me to keep in contact with people who liked the same books as I did so much that they decided to expand on the story and honor the authors that way.  That was a long time ago and I’m totally out of my depth as where to find fanfiction anymore. I’ve lost my way around the Internet content I used to really love. This makes me feel old and depressed sometimes whine I try to reconnect on that level and fail.

As someone who comes from a non English speaking country and where most of the books I love to read don’t get translated; it can get a bit difficult to find people to discuss and vent all the things I want to share with someone.


Lately I have started to post a bit more actively on Instagram. I must admit that while books are essentially a luxury items, the Bookstagram activites make it even more a very expensive and time consuming activity. I am lost in filters and tags and they do not bring me the feedback or the satisfaction I’m looking for.

Don’t get me wrong – I have a new found appreciation for pretty and photogenic hardcover books. I have changed in a way by making more original photo content of my own by taking more photos of the books I own and include them more in my posts.

I’m still looking for more content about the books I really love and while I sometimes get discouraged I will not give up on my search anytime soon. My guess is there are many passionate readers out there that like the books I love but they probably keep to themselves more and don’t really post on social media and Internet so much.


Bookshelves showcase 2019


After finding some older pictures of my bookshelves I got a bit nostalgic. It was interesting to see the growth in the amount of books and how differently they look after moving into bigger space and with more bookshelves in general. Back then I had very little room to maneuver all the books I started hoarding and I used all nooks and crannies as places to hold books.


As a part of blog site reconstruction I decided to photograph all my bookshelves as they are now. Only I will be putting more focus on the books themselves. One of the things that will need revision is the main cover photograph of the blog. It is quite old and I can’t seem to find the original picture anywhere.


I made a new page under the Bookshelf porn category on this site and named it Bookshelves 2019 showcase. It shows most of my books and how they are placed on the shelves. If you are interested for more detail you can check it out HERE.

I have different editions of books. Some are in English and some in Croatian. Some editions I buy are strictly from American publishers and some book series I only buy UK editions of. For the books from Croatian publishers I try to pick hardcover editions if possible but there are exceptions to all of these when the opportunity presents itself. Most of the shelves are bare but I do keep some bookish related stuff among my books.


My bookshelves are no longer crammed in any space I can fit them but spread more evenly in the space I live in. I deliberately choose white color for the bookshelves because it makes the books stand out more. Along with them I have many shelves filled with board games but those are a topic for some other post.

Favorite cover artist – Daniel dos Santos



Few years back I made a post on pretty book covers of one of my favorite book series by Patricia Briggs –  you can check it out HERE.  I’m still a great fan of Patricia Briggs books and I’m happy to report that her collaboration with artist Daniel dos Santos is still going strong. He makes book covers for the US editions of both of her Mercy Thompson book series and Alpha & Omega book series. The series crossover from time to time and the visual representation on the book covers does them both justice.



Daniel dos Santos is an American artist well known for making fantastic book covers depicting strong women. For more information on the artist you can check his official page – The Art of Dan dos Santos. He even made a guide for the latest Patricia Briggs book in the Mercy Thompson series Smoke Bitten which you can check out HERE.


I collect mass market paperback editions and once I got interested in this series some seven years ago after seeing these beautiful covers I was completely hooked. The strong female leading characters of the booth series are portrayed quite realistically. The go trough hard times and they are flawed but the way they deal with their problems is inspiring. I have one short story collection he made a cover for as well!

67468868_2274548395926509_3063539398449561600_n (1)

While there are some covers I like more than others I really cant decide which is my favorite one! I’m still behind one book in the series that came out this year for Mercy Thompson – Storm Cursed and I loved the next one announced already for Smoke Bitten!


Here are three of the books I own in mass market paperback that tie for favorite cover for me. Silence Fallen is the latest that book cover that woowed me at first sight. Silver Borne I have very fond memories of reading and I like the fact that Mercy holds a book on the cover! Bone Crossed was one of the strongest books in the series for me and I love how Mercy is portrayed in profile in the rain.

Dan dos Santos has made some other of my favorite characters and book scenes come to life trough his art and here are some of the ones I like the best! First one is from The Dresden Files series. Second picture is for the Graphic novel edition of Serenity and the last one is for Deluxe edition of graphic novel Fables.

There is something very subdued in the ways Daniel dos Santos book cover art and I find it a great fir for the urban fantasy genre. I love his art and his covers are an added bonus and value for the books I already love. Book covers matter to me and when I can I will pick the edition with this amazing cover art!


I think it is amazing when an artist and a book author make such strong partnership on more than one book series. I wish more artists and authors would do this. It makes me feel a lot better when buying a book series to know that the cover art was picked out with great care and will continue in the same style. I have a few book series that make me groan just by looking at them on the shelf because their discontinuity in the book design and cover art can be seen from a distance. #justbookishthings

Reading more books at the same time!


I am in the middle of reading more than one book most of the time. Maybe once a year I have a very short time with all books read and none started. I get very moody with my reading and that is the reason I keep looking for different books to read at the same time.

At the moment I’m reading:

Contes de Grimm by Marc Girard

Croatian translation of a french psychoanalyst Marc Girard. I’ve been reading it for a few months now and it is a very slow and difficult reading material. Last month I’ve read a similar type of a book and that made this one low priority.

marc girard

Opal (Lux book 3) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

This is a YA paranormal romance with aliens! I thought this book was gonna go much faster but it has been years since I’ve read first two books in the series. It is not as good as I remember and that is slowing me down.

A Perfect Blood (The Hollows book 10) by Kim Harrison

Urban fantasy series at it’s finest! Truth be told I’ve only read the intro. I love this series and I guess I’m waiting for a good time to cuddle up with it when nobody will bother me and I can enjoy it to the fullest!

Neuromancer (Sprawl Trilogy book 1) by William Gibson

This cyberpunk futuristic novel I started reading last month. I don’t like the feel of it so far but as it stands for a classic that  was first published the year I was born I’m more than willing to give it a chance.  I don’t think I’ll finish it this month.


Pines (Wayward Pines book 1 ) by Blake Crouch

This book was a spur of the moment pick. I wanted to pick some new arrival in the bookstore I work in. So far I’m not really sure what to think of it and I’m one third of the book in. It’s a thriller and has a total Twin Peaks feel to it. There is a HBO TV series by it and I haven’t watched it yet.

Sex Criminals (Sex Criminals vol 1) by Matt Fraction, Chip Zdrasky

This is a graphic novel I heard good good reviews few years back when it first came out. So far I like it and will probably post a review on it in a few days. I miss reading good graphic novels and I have one other I plan to read as well.


With all of these above I still have a craving for some historical romance genre. I might add some of that soon!

Reading condition

I had a conversation with a friend of mine. She logically claimed that I could never find the time and actually read all the books I want to read.

Read All the Books

I choose to ignore her oh so very reasonable deduction and not think about it in such a negative way. I refuse to accept the reality she is offering.


No, seriously, I love books and reading them is a form of happy therapy for me. It makes me get as close to zen state as I think I am capable of getting.


I try to keep my TBR monster under leash.

Problem is I keep finding out about new books I would like to read, own, reread, possess, get my hands on, know everything about, cuddle with, have a smart conversation about, have a laugh at loud moment while reading them, cry my soul out over, fangirl on a lead character, become a greatest fan of a supporting character, defend a book to someone who did not like it, make someone else read the book I loved,…

How Out of Control Is Your TBR Pile

Books are not something I really want to be humble and controlled about.98b0a516e621ff1b0dd328a39a117cdc

I want them all!

Not just the books I have time for.

Not just the books I have on my shelf already.

Not just the books I can afford.

Adding a new book to my TBR pile is like making a wish. After reading the book I added the wish comes true.

I feel sense of accomplishment after reading I book. None of the other aspects of my life grant me this high. Good grades, getting a diploma, getting a job – none of these things compare with the feeling I get while reading and finishing a book.

Reading has become like breathing or sleeping.

I’m not myself and get really frustrated without a good story and a book.

This is a condition I am happy suffering from.




Bookish things


This spring something strange is happening to me! I am getting these crazy ideas about doing some bookish projects. The fact that I am sorely lacking time for any of it is totally irrelevant! I have started getting these crazy ideas while I was searching for some inspirations for my book club activities. Here are some of the ideas and inspirations that got to me this spring.

Literary signsdirectional-sign

I do have a garden to put a sign like this one in but I’m more intrigued by making some indoor decoration. It might include some really crazy and maybe even completely impractical coat hanger. Variations could include a weird wall sticker decoration or even a wall ornament of some kind.

Locations and pointers I will probably discuss with the boyfriend since we live together.

Anything goes for now!

Book clockbookclock1

 I am not fond of people who carve out books to make stuff out of them.  Some versions of a book clock I’ve seen made me sad for the books that got  destroyed in the process. What I’m interested in doing is a wall clock from  the pictures of book covers with numbers on them.

 I could probably use a wooden tiles or maybe something even lighter and  glue a picture of a cover with the the appropriate number on it.

 Choosing out a good and suitable cover will be a fun experience unto itself!

Book staircase 82e7f8383468ab30b88e68b9d49a735e

I love this idea! I’m not very handy with a brush and making it any less than perfect would just irk me every time I had to see it! I think it might be an easy solution to have some printed out stickers made for the stairs. I’m much more sure in my abilities to exterminate air bubbles under the sticker than to paint out the details and colors to my satisfaction! It could totally be a good way to freshen up the staris if the stickers could be changed few times a year. Maybe for the first batch to start with some of my favorite manga series for the whole stairs, or some kind of book series I really love!

Who knows maybe I even find a more permanent solution while I experiment with it!

Book11010299_687049081423862_3746224728111783008_n bricks

 I really love this idea to paint a brick and make it look like a book! These could be used as a  door stopper or a garden ornament. It is an  excellent way to have an outdoor bookshelf  without the books suffering from the elements of  nature! It might even make me spend more  time outside just to look at them. This idea just  might be the first I bring to life this summer. I  can play pretend and paint them into those  lovely Barnes and Noble leatherbound editions  I gaze at whenever I get the chance to!