Half Bad – Book Review


Finished reading:

Half Bad (Half Bad trilogy book 1)

by Sally Green



I’ve mentioned before that this book was picked up out off guilt trip I had after getting the third book of the series as a gift. I had it on my reading list for a while. When it first came out in Croatian translation I did not respond to the promo hype. I just put it on TBR and moved on. I had very low expectations.



This book speaks to the reader in a very direct way. At first I was a bit tilted by the straightforward tone of the book. Most of the descriptions at the very beginning deal with some disturbing imagery. It took me a while to comprehend the concept and the whole hate toward the main character Nathan.


There is something about that wild and those desires that made Nathan intriguing. I’ve always loved stories about underdogs and this one was no exception – how can you not root for a character that everybody keeps trying to step on?

What I really love about this book is the way how the author uses labels and terms of black as bad and white as good. As the story progresses the lines blur and we get to see lots of grey in between.


Seriously though, some parts of this book were more than just mildly disturbing to read about. The parts where we see a little boy starved for love and affection made me teary eyed. How the story progresses we see his inner maturation and reasoning.


I also must mention that I enjoyed thew change of scenery and characters travelling all trough Europe. There are only so many books that happen in USA or English speaking territories and it gets boring pretty fast…

A bit of spoiler alert:

I liked the interaction between Gabriel and Nathan, especially the yaoi parts. I’m happy to report that this is one of the aspects of the books that progresses trough the books and gives validation for character growth.



I’ve finished this book in a record time and wolfed the second book Half Wild as well. I’m rethinking of buying the series and reading it again sometimes. What I would like to go trough at a slower pace is Nathan’s growing up and transformation from a child to a strong minded individual.


Reading in progress – April 2016

For the first time in a long time I have found myself clearing all the reading and finishing all the books I’ve started. giphy

I gave myself a pat on the back and proceeded to pick some books from my big TBR pile with renewed fervor. In doing so I tried picking some books that were on the list for a while but for some reason I haven’t gotten to them just yet.

Here are the books I’ve picked out for April


The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison

45 out of 368 pages

I liked this book since I saw her last year. It was presented as a refreshing, no sequel underdog story in a rich imagined world. So far I’m a bit tired with all the strange names and kinda Old English language that the characters use. The story is intriguing but if I’m not really concentrated I have a hard time imagining all the wondrously strange races, technology and scenery. I hope I get into it soon.


Drawn Together by Z.A. Maxfield

45 out of 368 pages

I found out about this book ages ago when I was reading a lot of fan fiction and Kindle freebies. I knew there was a small chance that I would ever get my hands on a copy to read it. It is a cute story about most unlikely characters – southern boy Rory and an anime artist Yamane. It started out a bit weird and I hope it gets better soon.


Half Bad (Half Bad Trilogy book 1) by Sally Green

212 out of 369 pages

A while ago when the translation to Croatian came out I’ve add this book to my TBR quite casually. I was in no hurry to read it. What served as incentive was a gift I got – third book from Half Bad series – Half Lost. I felt bad about having the last book in the series since I haven’t even started on the first. I just got sucked in this book and read half of it in two sittings. I’m seriously thinking of buying it and the whole trilogy!


I’m thinking of starting a few more and making April a very busy reading month! I will be soon adding the graphic novel  The Mean Seasons (Fables volume 5).

fables 5