Book series – Excited to read!

In an effort to have more control over all the book series I have started to read, need to finish or want to start on, I decided to make a few categories I can arrange them into and make myself busy with planning on how to fit them in my future reading plans!

First category are the book series I am excited to read.

I love reading books with lots of sequels. When I find a story and characters I love, I want to have more books to read trough and enjoy. For this reason I will sometimes decide to buy more than one book from a completely new book series before I even started to read the first book! And this is also why the books I already own and have on my physical bookshelves are being promoted into priority category for the purpose of making any future reading plans.

Few years back I have made a decision to always prioritize the books I own and it has actually worked out wonderfully. When I look around the books on my shelves I am happy to report that the ratio of unread and read books is not as alarming as it might be.

Here are the books I am excited to read as a continuation of the book series I already enjoy and have on my shelves. They are not sorted in any particular order and these are all book series that I rated highly enjoyable to read because I like the characters, writing style of the author or the ideas they represent. Some of them are on my shelves longer and some are recent purchases. all of them are part of my ever present reading goal – to read trough all the books I own!

Vorkosigan Saga by Lois MacMaster Bujold

I was not always fond of science fiction because space is a confusing place and in theory I found it hard to relate and get into the cold outer space setting. Vorkosigan saga is one of those book series that completely changed how I view space opera genre and science fiction in general. The characters are relatable and “down to earth”. Even though my primary goal when I was buying the series was buying them for my BF to read and not me – I have learned to love and appreciate these books. The editions I have are translations in Croatian from a publisher that no longer exists which makes them a bit of a rarity. These books are highly underrated and they deal with ideas and topics relevant in any day and age – traditions, science versus belief, questions about gender, characters with disabilities, dealing with expectations of others, and so many more unexpected moral and personal questions you will be thinking about once you start reading trough satisfying number of books in the series.

My progress of the series is slow paced. I am somewhere half trough the series and I am excited follow more space adventures of the characters author has created about forty years ago!

Hell Bent (Alex Stern #2) by Leigh Bardugo

One of the most recent additions to my book shelves since Hell Bent has only been published earlier this year. Leigh Bardugo has become an author whose books are automatically on my TBR and wish list. I have great respect for who ever is making the decisions to make her books well designed physically and beautiful too. I always choose to get her books in hard cover editions whenever possible. This particular series is dark academia theme and I have found the horror and mystery elements quite appealing. Again, this is an example of a book series that has helped me include genres I don’t normally read – mainly horror genre.

My progress with the series is: need to read the second book and then slowly and not so patiently wait for the next book after that to come out – probably why I’m not in a hurry to get to it…


Only exception on the lists of book series I own is a graphic novel I am reading in digital form. This is a part of an ongoing series that is currently on volume 30. This series is collaboration of many authors and artists. Most are originally European and mainly French descent but some of the collaborators expand out of those limits as well. This graphic novel came as a recommendation from a friend and I was impressed with depth of the story and beautiful coloring. Story is long and expanding many continents in a fantasy world filled with magical creatures and many different races. The volumes are short – around fifty pages each but are

My progress with the series: I am on volume nine out of current thirty available. I come back to this graphic novel series every time I need a good and fast read I know I am going to enjoy for a reading challenge!

Alpha (Strays #6) by Rachel Vincent

I love urban fantasy book series with interesting female protagonists. This is an older shifter book series with cats, they had me at cats! I love this series so much that I made my peace with not all the books being same size and format – otherwise this is a horrifying concept for me! One of the books I even bought used and a bit scraped up since I could not find it in any better condition – also not a comforting thought for me. This book series has been a lot of firsts for me in this regard even though it is a genre and theme I usually go for.

My progress with the series is almost done since I have only the last book of the series to read! I think i am saving it for some reading challenge that requires me to finish a book series or something…

Aurora’s End (The Aurora Cycle, #3) by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

My motivation when I got the first two books was to give author a try – I’m still very picky when space theme is present. It was supposed to prepare me to read another book by Jay Kristoff and it was not a planned buy when I got the first two books. I ended up reading both books in the same month and then immediately had to order the third one. That is how much I liked the characters and their dynamics! Also I really like the covers and how the characters are portrayed on them. The extra content in these soft cover edition has been impressive and it made me wonder if I can afford to get the hard cover editions. That is how much the extra content has been important to me. I would love seeing this book series turned into animated series or a TV series but I don’t hold my breath for that to happen at all…

My progress into the series: need to read the last book and I am postponing it because this is only a trilogy and I don’t want it to end so soon…

Staked (The Iron Druid Chronicles #8) by Kevin Hearne

This is one of the older book series I got into so many years ago. Trough the years my interest has lessened. But then I read next book of the series after a long pause ( years long pause!) and was surprised at how easy I got into the story and how the characters were still captivating. It was one of the book series I started collecting in hopes of reading it along with my BF. He ended up reading more than I did and now I’m not sure if he is going to finish it at all after such a long break.

My progress with the series is close to finishing – three books left! Good thing is the author has finished writing and aside from the books I already have, there are also few short stories I can read.

The Queen of the Damned (The Vampire Chronicles, #3) by Anne Rice

Vampire theme was always a fascination of mine and I still have a tendency to collect vampire themed books – be it short story collections or book series. Anne Rice has always been a staple of vampire genre and I always had a feeling I needed to read these. This nagging feeling I needed to read something had made me collect Anne Rice books but held me back from actually reading any of them. At one point I had more than ten books written by Anne Rice and have not read one single of them. After a shaky and bumpy start with the first book of the famous Vampire Chronicles I got to read the second one and finally gotten thrilled with it. I am slightly unhappy with all the different covers for the mass market paperback editions I own but the hard truth is I can’t find all the books in a more uniformed editions because there has been so many different editions over the years. I would love to own these in a prettier collector editions – something more like Folio society editions.

My progress with the series is slower than any other book series I own so many books of – I need to start reading the third book in the series and the small mass market paperback editions with chubby 500+ pages are not that inviting not easy to fit in any reading challenge…

Hellboy #2 by Mike Mignola

Graphic novel collection that started as a yearly present I picked out on a Zagreb Book Fair Interliber for my BF. These editions are hard cover and in Croatian. They each have more than one volume inside them and it makes it harder to follow on GR once I start reading them. I plan to collect the rest but have been unable to afford them last few years.

My progress with the series – I have accidentally read the first and the last graphic novel of the series and not I need to get and start reading the second omnibus edition ( right one in the picture)

Batman: Nightwalker (Dc Icons #2) by Marie Lu

Once I had an idea to collect all the books from the DC Icons series because the list of authors connected into this project was impressive. Each book is written by one of the popular YA authors and I liked the opportunity to try reading some new popular author for the first time without being sucked into another YA book series that everyone else is into. Hard cover books were a present from my BF and now I am struggling to find the resto of the DC Icons editions in hard cover which is proving to be near impossible…

My progress with the series: not in any hurry to read the second book since the prospect of finding the next book is going to be a nightmare…

In conclusion

Book series I am excited to continue reading from my own book shelf ( with one notable exception) is not that long but I can not call it short either. I expect that with starting some new book series and finishing out the last books from the series on this list – the number of the books that are part of a series and I am excited to continue will change, evolve and, most likely, grow. I am perfectly fine with that thought and I am happily looking forward to exciting books I can enjoy reading in the future!

May The Force Read With You 2023 TBR

This is the second time I am participating in Breakeven Books reading challenge on the theme of Star Wars in May! Last year I skipped it but this year I will try my best to read the most of it.

You can check how it all started way back in 2021 HERE and see what my experience with the challenge was HERE.

Also I encourage you to check out Breakeven Books channel and show him some love HERE.

This year the challenge was combined with some RPG style characterization. Meaning, each participant can read trough their adventure in Star Wars universe and create their own character. Options include race, some equipment, some allies and some abilities. all of these are still dependent on your choice of Light or Dark Side. There is even a character sheet for those who like to immerse into their character and maybe later on use it in some RPG plays. I will only highlight my own choices and TBR plans.

You can check out all the details available HERE

I am still filling up my character sheet and depending on how successful I am at the end of the challenge I will post it as a whole. For now here are some basic options I am using for my May TBR.

Cetaganda (Vorkosigan Saga #6) by Lois MacMaster Bujold

When I first read this prompt I did not notice OR in it. While I did find some options for the hardcore prompt I decided to continue one of the book series I was reading the first time as well – Vorkosigan Saga series. Its a science fiction series with some powerful and relatable characters and so far I’ve loved it. Sadly I did not get far ahead with the series and I will use this opportunity to read more of it.

Last time I participated I was going for Light Side. This time I like prompts for the Dark Side more and will try to mix it up with some neutral options where it is possible. I have chosen maximum of five abilities mix of neutral and Dark side prompts.

1 & 2 – Drain Knowledge: Read a book over 600 pages. Counts as 2 ability prompts. (Dark Side)

Empire of the Vampire (Empire of the Vampire #1) by Jay Kristoff

This one has been on my shelf since it came out last year and I was looking for an opportunity to start reading. The theme is complimentary dark to my character and the pull of the Dark side. It is quite chonky with 700+ pages. I got the hardcover with some black and white illustrations so it will be an actual feast of a book. I even have a friend I gifted a copy of the book and she is willing to read it at the same time. Because of the number of pages this one counts as two abilities and I think the “Drain Knowledge” ability is very thematic as well!

3 – Telekinesis: If Jedi, do a dark side ability prompt; if Sith, do a light side ability prompt. (Neutral)

Light Side Plant Surge: Read a book with nature on the cover

Girl, Serpent, Thorn by Mellisa Bashardoust

I really liked this prompt on the Light side since it fitted a book I was meaning to read for a while now. The choice of a Dark side ability to kinda steal into the Light side prompt was perfect here! I am intrigued by the book and so far I like its a standalone. Again the theme is darkly thematic and fits with my idea of a Dark side character and “Telekinesis” is such a cool ability to have!

4 – Doppelganger: Do a re-read. (Neutral)

Guilty Pleasures (Anita Blake Vampire Hunter #1) by Laurell K. Hamilton

I have the mass market paperback of the book in English and have read it more than once already. Recently, I got a Serbian translation of this book and because of the style of the translation I am excited to give it a try. These characters are very dear to me and this world is one of my favorites to come back to. Some of the first books in the series are my all time favorite books as well. Reading this translation will give me a new perspective on it which is a useful foundation when training in “Doppelganger” ability.

5 – Memory Walk: Read a book that came out 15+ years ago. (Dark Side)

Ethan of Athos (Vorkosigan saga #7) by Lois MacMaster Bujold

As I mentioned before I will be catching up Vorkosigan saga more in May. This is the second out of three planned books of the series I will be reading in May! Published over 35 years ago this book definitely fits the prompt and is still one of the best space opera book series out there. I wish it were more popular because when it was first published it was very well received considering that some of the themes are relevant and popular today. Have I started training “Memory Walking” already just by going back at how much I like this book series? Maybe…

The choices for weapons/equipment are sparse, which naturally, means I want them all! Here are the choices of books for the prompts:

Lightsaber – Look at a color wheel. Read a book with the opposite of your favorite color

The Siege of Cadanla (Elfes#9) by Éric Corbeyran, Gwendal Lemercier (Artist), Diogo Saito (Cover Art), Christina Cox-De Ravel (Translator), DigiKore Studios (Colorist)

Without actually looking at the color wheel I first had to decide on my favorite color. Over the years my favorite color changed. Right now I have decided on violet and its opposite is yellow. I had books with orange covers ready but yellow was a bit more work. For this reason I decided to go back to one other graphic novel book series I did not read in a while – digital edition of a fantasy masterpeice Elfes. It has (so far) 35 parts and they tell an intricate story spanning different species and continents in a magical world. Each part has different authors mostly from France. Some stories are dark and gritty and some are less so. so far the character and world building has been elaborate. I think it is a good match for a Lightsaber prompt!

Blaster – Read a book in a different spot every time you pick it up to read it.

Anaïs Nin – Sur la mer des mensonges by Léonie Bischoff

Since I have decided to go all in on the equipment and partners I found a way to make it easier and give me a chance to finish reading everything by adding more graphic novel editions. I went and raided my local library and brought with me a pile of good options. This is one of the more serious one in topic at least. Also, since the prompt requires me to read in a different spot each time I might have easier time with something that reads faster since I am actually a slow reader! I always wanted to read something by Anais Nin and this might speed up my decision to finally give it a try. Hoping to have a blast with this one!

Space Ship – Read a book that has a vehicle on the cover.

Brothers in Arms (Miles Vorkosigan Saga) by Lois MacMaster Bujold

Third book from the Vorkosigan saga I decided to put in for May! I remember I enjoyed them and the pace of reading was faster because of it. Space opera themes with political conflicts and lots of scheming promise a good backdrop for my Dark Side path, also the spaceship on the cover gives me ideas on what kind of ship I would like as my own.

As a Dark side trainee I get the options for all Dark Side partners and the Neutral ones. I was ambitious enough to put them all in for prompts so here are my book choices for those:

Bounty Hunters – Read a book that’s recently caught your attention.

King of Libertines (Sea of Ruin #0.5) by Pam Godwin

When the BD was closing down and I was culling my wishlists to make the last order Sea of Ruin was one of the books that almost made my list. I’ve never read anything by Pam Godwin and the marketing intro for the book promised sea adventure with steamy love triangle. The book was only available in paperback and it cost as much as a hardcover and that’s why id did not make the cut on the last order. But then I learned of this novella as a small prequel to the book exists! I almost ordered that one and at the last minute I saw that it was free on Kindle! I got it on Kindle and it will be probably the only book I will be reading in the digital form for a while. Depending on how much I like the writing style I might try getting the Sea of Ruin as well later on. Pirates work for their bounty as well!

Droids – Read a book with no people on the cover.

Ar-Men. L’Enfer des enfers by Emmanuel Lepage

This is one of the graphic novel picks I got from the library. There are no people on the cover, only churning sea and a Lighthouse. I don’t know what to expect from this one to be honestly. This month I was reading a book set on the English island Guernsey and I got intrigued to learn a bit more on English another English island since I am very bad at geography in general. Looking forward to a learning experience with this one!

Galactic Empire – Read a book with over 3 people on the cover.

Les Vieux Fourneaux (#1-4) by Wilfrid Lupano and Paul Cauuet

As opposed to the last prompt I needed to find a book with over 3 people on the cover which turned out to be much harder than it sounds. After scouring trough my own book shelves and my Kindle options I was not happy. My own bookshelves were not helpful and all my digital options were smut with extra bang! This is where the inspiration to check out library for graphic novel options came from! This is a story about three old friends and the title of it translates into: The Old Farts! I hope for some laughs from this one 🙂

First Order – Read a book with a prologue

Dead Ever After (Sookie Stackhause #13) by Charlaine Harris

I decided to read the last book in the Sookie Stackhouse series because I’ve had it for a very long time now and I am one book away from finishing a series. I am glad this book has a prologue since it has been years since I’ve read any of the books in the series, maybe even a decade…I’m too scared to check at this point. I remember liking it though. I am working on my book series backlog and honestly I didn’t know it was this bad!

I decided to stick with a story that I am not choosing to be a villain, I am only choosing to have an option to use the Dark side if necessary. Is my character a villain in the making? Possibly…

Bookopoly TBR game – November and December 2020

After much thought on trying to accommodate my personal reading goals for this year and squeeze those books in as much as possible reading challenges by the end of the year I decided to give Bookopoly TBR game a chance for December as well. The reason I made this decision is that I was very happy and pleased with how my Bookopoly TBR game went smoothly in November. I managed to finish all of my assigned books in the first half of the month!

Naturally this left me with more time on my hands than I anticipated and I started getting these crazy ideas instead of reading the books I picked for my personal reading challenge…

Here are the books that made the first half of November a smooth reading experience:

Prompt: Nature on the Cover

Book: The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux ★★

This was one of the books for my personal reading challenge for the year. It’s a Croatian translation of a not so popular classic. This book turned out one of the less enjoyable books for me in November. I could clearly read the mistakes in translation and editing and it made me sad since the story and the idea had so much more to offer. I can’t help but think that if it were written today with the help of a good editor it would have been so much better. I liked the idea and the mystery of the story but it was hard to keep up with everything and I did not like authors writing style at all…

Prompt: Chance card

Book: The Scent of Shadows (Signs of the Zodiac #1) by Vicki Pettersson ★★★★

This is the only book that was not a part of my personal reading challenge for this year that got included into Bookopoly TBR game in November since it gave me no choice to pick something else. I’ve had this book and a few other in the series for years now and I love urban fantasy. It was different in a way that included character types that are original instead of the usual vampires, shifters and such. What impressed me the most is that the main character is a survivor and I like to read about survivors. The Zodiac theme was at first a bit cringey and then I got used to it. Sadly the zodiac signs that the story is centered at don’t make me invested, otherwise I would have rated it with five stars probably!

Prompt: TBR Veteran

Book: The Borders of Infinity (Vorkosigan Saga #5.3) by Lois McMaster Bujold ★★★★★

This book is one of the rare favorites I own in Croatian translation that I am happy about. It was a part of my personal reading challenge and I would like to read more of the series anyway. It is also rare for me to enjoy science fiction this much but the characters are great to read about and the writing style keeps the reader on its toes. It is the kind of book series I enjoy and have surprisingly little problems getting into even after longer periods of time.

Prompt: Disability representation

Book: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon ★★★★

This was the first book I read in November and it was another from my personal challenge for the year pile. The main character is a teenage boy with autism. I loved how easily some things I did not know about autism were explained and put to paper. I plan to vote for this book to be read in by book club group and I wish to discuss it with others for more insight into things I have probably missed. The mystery part of the story was interesting and the human part of it was very relatable and realistic.

Prompt: Young Adult

Book: Wayward Son (Simon Snow #2) by Rainbow Rowell ★★★★★

Out of the books from this list this one made me most apprehensive to start reading. I wanted to like it and was scared I would be let down. I am so glad I loved it. The change of POVs in the book was done in such a way that it let the reader get the most from each scene. I learned to appreciate each character more in this way. The start of the book was angsty and it matched with my mood about the book. I am torn about waiting for the next book of the series and can’t wait for it!

My friend talked me into playing the game for December a little earlier than usual and I had some time thinking trough and choosing the books for my new prompts. This is the first time I rolled a double and I got not one but two double rolls and the were both snake eyes! Our positions on the board are now mostly on the totally opposite sides since my rolls tend to be a bit lower than hers and she got more doubles in total. This December instead of five books from five rolls I got seven rolls and seven books!

My first roll was my first double ever since I started this TBR game. It was double ones. Also my first time I landed on a Becca and the Books recommendation tile. I could not find any list that included all her recommendations so far so I started going trough some of her video recommendations trough the months and different topics. I decided on Howl’s Moving Castle (Howl’s Moving Castle #1) by Diana Wynne Jones from her Best Books of 2019 video which you can check out HERE. I choose this book in particular because it is my book club reading choice for December as well! I hope to watch the anime after I read the book and before our book club meeting.

My next roll got me to the most problematic prompt for this month – Fire on the Cover. I am trying to include books I have on my personal reading challenge for the year but no matter how hard I tried I could not find anything resembling fire enough to pass as a valid prompt choice. I turned to some lists of books I was talking about reading in my book club and this book stood out: The Color of Magic (Discworld #1) by Terry Pratchett. It is a book that I consider a classic of the genre and one I would very much like to read so I can fill in the popular culture blanks I feel I get when I’m confronted with references to Discworld and Terry Pratchett in general. I’m reading the digital version and put the cover of the same edition in color so that the torch in the center is not missed as fire for my prompt!

This is the second time I landed on the “Sad Book” prompt and I am starting to really consider removing this prompt from the game board. I am not too keen on reading sad books in particular I cry at those not labelled as sad books enough as it is. After consulting my other reading challenge list I settled on the graphic novel: Saga (Collected Editions) #7-9 by Brian K. Vaughan, Fiona Staples. I short perusing the book got me some almost spoiler information that left me distraught and made me remember how dramatic the story really gets in these graphic novels.

Next roll was the highest I got in a while and got me on the “Most recent purchase” tile. I had few options from my most recent Book haul post which you can check out HERE. In the end I choose The Tower of Nero (The Trials of Apollo #5) by Rick Riordan. As the last book of the longtime favorite series and a book that goes well with my other reading challenge I decided it would fit nicely and make me feel very good about finishing a book series by the end of the year as well.

My next roll got me to one of those non-flexible prompts – Chance cards again. I pulled out another book that is not on my other reading list for this year: The Tale of Genji by Murasaki Shikibu. It is one of the oldest books on my TBR by date of publication since it was made over one thousand years ago and it is frankly rather intimidating book for me. I tried reading it once before but had to let it go for some other time. I hope I will have better luck with it this time around.

First extra roll ever landed me on another Audio or E-Book prompt. I reserve these prompts for Kindle freebies to ensure that at least some of the many new authors and books I browse on Kindle lists of freebies get read by me. This time I shamelessly decided on a urban fantasy book for mature audiences – Taken by The Hunger (Blood Thirst Affair #1) by Harnet Spade. It is a slightly older Kindle freebie and I am going to let myself be surprised by it.

My last extra roll landed me on another Chance card tile. At this rate I will be out of my Chance card since I’ve pulled almost one third of them already ( 5 out of 16). Another non-flexible pick I can’t combine with my personal reading challenge for this year. This time I got Elminster: The Making of a Mage (Forgotten Realms: Elminster #1) by Ed Greenwood. It is one of the few book series from my bookshelves that I am collecting and haven’t even started reading yet.

This makes a total of seven books added for my December reading enjoyment. Five of the books are the books I own and from my own physical bookshelves and two are in the digital form. Only three of them are part of some other reading challenge or assignment. This leaves me with much more reading material for December than I anticipated. What will I do?

Monthly reading review December 2014


An Abby Wright illustration of a women reading a book outside in the snow

In December I managed to catch some reading time and squeeze it in. Here is a list of the books I’ve read in December:

1984 by George Orwell ★★

House of Glass Witcher Vol 1. by Paul Tobin ★★★

Mirror Dance (Miles Vorkosigan saga book 12) by Lois MacMaster Bujold ★★★★

Jason (Anita Blake vampire hunter book 23) by Laurel K. Hamilton ★★

Pretty Guardian Sailormoon Vol 10 by Naoko Takeuchi ★★★

Pretty Guardian Sailormoon Vol 11 by Naoko Takeuchi ★★★

Pretty Guardian Sailormoon Vol 12 by Naoko Takeuchi ★★★★

The Game Catwoman New 52 Vol 1 by Judd Winick, Guillem March ★★★★★

Her Mad Hatter Kingdom Series (Hall): Book 1 by Marie Hall ★★★


Books I read: 9

This is a nice rise from few months ago, but the busy schedule is still keeping me from reading as much as I would like to. I would like to up my reading to be around 10-12 a month. This will require some more serious reading planing for 2015.

5 stars: The Game Catwoman New 52 Vol 1 by Judd Winick, Guillem March



I was delighted by this graphic novel. I love DC antiheroes and heroes. This take on Catwoman made an impression on me for more than one reason. I loved the artwork and character concept. This Catwoman is a complex character and her dynamic with other characters was done perfectly. The Batman drama was a plus.

Did not finish?

I am transfering four books to be finished in January 2015

In Desert and Wilderness by Henryk Sienkeiwicz
Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides
Delayed Penalty (The Dartmouth Cobras: Book 5) by Bianca Sommerland
Kingdom Collection: Books 1-3 by Marie Hall – 1 out of 3 done!

Genres I read in December: Manga. Graphic novel, dystopian, modern classic, space opera, urban fantasy, fairytale retelling

Biggest let down of December was Jason (Anita Blake vampire hunter book 23) by Laurel K. Hamilton.

jason book


I was super excited to find this book coming out in papaerback as a new arrival. I pre-ordered it online and jumped for joy when it arrived. I hoped to learn more about Jason and his background and I was kinda disappointed. We find out about Jason’s girlfriend JJ. She is a human, a professional dancer and prefers girls to boys. Sadly it seemed that her only reason to be in this book was to offer Anita an opportunity to deal with some girl on girl issues. JJ seems like a female version of Jason – all friendly and easygoing. It never bothered me so much before to read a book where supporting characters get so used for the sake of one main character. I love strong supporting characters and this book was like a bad revelation for me. The whole plot was summed up in three sex scenes.

The best part of the book was the intro chapter for the next book Dead Ice coming out June 4th 2015.


New book boyfriends?

I got reminded on how much I like the character of Witcher and I’m adding the books to my TBR pile.

witcher2 topless dungeon scene

Also Miles Vorkosigan has his perks.

“Miles is… Miles; close to a force of nature, climbing up out of his own pages and escaping subordination to any opinion of mine.”
— Lois McMaster Bujold

Any new jerks?

Surprisingly none this time!

Did you start any new series?

Yes 3 and I plan to continue them all when I get the chance to.

The Game Catwoman New 52 Vol 1 by Judd Winick, Guillem March

Her Mad Hatter Kingdom Series (Hall): Book 1 by Marie Hall

House of Glass Witcher Vol 1. by Paul Tobin


Did you find any new authors that you loved?

I might look out for more work from Paul Tobin and Judd Winick

Any book you would recommend?

Yes I have two recommendations from December:

The Game Catwoman New 52 Vol 1 by Judd Winick, Guillem March – for urban antiheroo DC lovers

Miles Vorkosigan saga by Lois MacMaster Bujold – space opera extraordinare


Final thoughts on December 2014

I’m glad for finishing Sailor Moon manga series in December. I’ve read a modern dystopian classic and didn’t like it, but that is ok. I was reminded on some characters I love and why I love them. The result was adding more to y reading list but that is hardly surprising. It as a good reading month!