Book series I started…


I love book series of all kinds. There are historical romance book series I enjoy. There are urban fantasy book series I cant get enough of. I have a few favorite manga and graphic novel series as well. It was only after I tried to keep track of the book series I started but for some reason never continued after reading only the first book did I realize how many of them are on my reading lists. It took whole two pages just to write the titles of the firsts books of the series I started reading. Now that I look at them all I see some I’ve totally forgotten about and some I keep meaning to continue but never actually do. I managed to put them all in three rough categories:

#1 First books of a series that I will not continue

#2 First books of a series I even forgot about

#3 First books of a series I want to continue


First I had to weed out many of the historical romances I read out of order and had no desire to follow from the beginning. There were also quite the number of graphic novel series I tried out because I wanted to learn an origin story of this or that character and never actually meaning to continue reading them. Also there were a few first books of a series I read and then switched to some prequel first book series and then everything got complicated and I just let them go. Those above mentioned I’m keeping totally out of this discussion.


#1 First books of a series that I will not continue

These are the books that for some reason did not appeal to me enough to consider to continue reading the rest of the series. As happened with Anne Bishop Ephemera book series. I expected to like the enough to continue reading and bought first two books right away. It has been years since I read the first and will probably never read the second. Demonica series from Larissa Ione was a sort of gamble when I bought it. For some reason it did not blew me away and I did not feel like buying or reading the rest of the series. On Dublin Street book series I just joined in on the hype on the first book when it was translated to Croatian. I never felt motivated enough to read beyond that first book.

jedan pano 1

Some of them I did not like and was disappointed after reading them. My biggest disappointment was by far Hellsing manga by Khota Hirano. I loved anime adaptations and had high expectations from the original manga. I even felt cheated on it and was later glad I did not start buying the whole series. Wrinkle in Time I read this year as a book club assignment and was not impressed at all. Beautiful Disaster was one of those books in the YA genre everybody was suddenly talking about. I found it to be shallow and boring.

jedan pano 2

And then there were some book series in this category that I just decided they were not for me and just made a decision not to continue reading the rest of the books in the series. How to Train your Dragon and The Penderwicks were both funny and lovely but I could feel they were intended for much younger audience. I’m glad I’ve read them both but will not be reading the rest. Homeland by R.A. Salvatore is the most famous Dungeons and Dragons novelization and first book in a very long book series about the legendary elf drow Drizzt. I tried it out since I was curious about the character and since I’m an avid RPG player. After reading the first book I realized that the author had decided to keep the PG rating for the mostly American market and availability. I am not a fan of books where author ends a scene with a simple curtains down and a morning after routine. I decided to give it up altogether for lack of sex scenes. I find it hypocritical how violence is OK but sex is not OK for the readers. The last book series in this segment is Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. The violence and brutality of the book kept me on edge most of the reading. I decided to let it go since it bothered me too much. With the book series I even stopped watching the TV show. Now I’m having second thoughts and I’m continuing watching the TV show so I might go back to the books as well

jedan pano 3

There are a few I was happy about reading and did not feel the need to continue it as a series. One of the books I was impressed with and was actually surprised at how much I liked it was Foundation by Isaac Asimov. After reading it and getting the general feel to the ideas behind the book I did not feel like reading the other books from the series. Same was with the Wallbanger series by Alice Clayton. I enjoyed the book and even bought it as a present for other but never felt the need to read the rest of the books from the series. The Shadow of the Wind was a book club reading assignment. I enjoyed the writing style and have read few other books by Carlos Ruiz Zafon before. The story for me felt complete enough and I haven’t searched out the rest of the books from the series

jedan pano 4

#2 First books of a series I even forgot about

These books I read long ago and I forgot about reading them. With Blake Crouch‘s Wayward Pines thriller I was intrigued and picked it up even though it was not my favorite genre. I remember being immersed in the book. I even watched the TV show and enjoyed it. And I seem to forgot about it later on. I enjoyed reading YA novel Matched by Ally Condie. I even liked the book covers for all three books and how they actually made sense with the plot of the books. I never continued the series though…

dva pano 2

Some books and series were not actually memorable and nothing about them set them apart from similar books in their genre. I found Julia Quinn‘s Bridgertons book series not particularly memorable. The plot and the characters just seemed to blend in with many others I’ve read at the time. Down to You by M. Leighton also got lost in the sea of other similar books in the genre. I remember plot having potential but not actually delivering more than simple erotic fiction. One for the Money by Janet Evanovich is a first in a rather long book series that even got a movie. I remember enjoying the funny parts of the book. After watching the movie I was confused about the stupid plot holes that came over from the book and just forgot about the rest of the series altogether.

dva pano 1

When I first read these series I did not have other books of the series available for reading. Later on I just simply forgot about them. Love is Darkness was a freebie first book from Valerie Dearborn book series on Kindle. I enjoyed it quite a bit. At the time I was unsure weather to buy the other books or not. Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy was another book club assignment. In Croatian translation all five books are hard to come by since they are mostly sold out. I have a first one from my boyfriend and I for some reason I did not want to read the library copies.

dva pano 3

#3 First books of a series I want to continue

Here I have sorted book series that I want to continue and have the books ready. All I need is to start reading them, but for some reason I hesitate. Interview with the Vampire I’ve read only recently. While I have most of the other books in this series available I still hesitate to read them. I think I want to like them and have a feeling I won’t. Howl’s Moving Castle was a book I was hyped about. I loved both of the anime versions – Japanese and English voiceovers. I expected the book to blow me away but it did not. I’m still hoping to read other books of the series and keep them close by. I liked all the books by Cassandra Clare I’ve read so far. Earlier this year I’ve read Clockwork Angel. I like it despite its steampunkish traits. While the characters are quite charming I feel a bit apprehensive toward reading next books from this series. Of Saints and Shadows is an older UF book from the Shadow Saga book series by Christopher Golden. I remember it being creepy and downright scary. I always thought of picking it up again one day. I have next tree books already waiting. I think since it has been years I’ve read the first book that I might have some problems into getting into the second one now.

treci pano 1

And for the end I have books that I want to read but have problems with getting the actual books from the series. Some like Log Horizon manga I have issues with identifying the second volume manga edition. I keep coming up with light novelization and I’m not interested in those at all. supposedly the author Mamare Touno had some legal issues and even the anime series has stopped. A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness was an absolute pleasure to read. I really loved Croatian translation edition in hardcover. I’m thinking on getting a hardcover copy for sure. Not sure yet will it be in English or Croatian though.The Dragonbone Chair by Tad Williams was a part of a reading challenge from my boyfriend. It is one of his favorite book series. He used to have them and borrowed them to someone who never returned them. I’m planing to get the whole series for him someday in a nice package with the new books coming out this year.

treci pano 2

It has been a while since I made a post this long. Hopefully you did not find it too boring.

Pines – Book Review


Finished reading:

Pines (Wayward Pines book 1 ) by Blake Crouch ★★★★


I first picked up this book because I wanted to read something that came out recently and is new to the bookstore I work in. Promo for the TV series just started appearing all around and I like Matt Dillon. When the show started to seem like Twin Peak I was really intrigued.


“Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you. Joseph Heller”
― Blake Crouch, Pines


It took me three sittings to read this book trough. First part was okay and I had trouble with getting into strange survival mode and fighting instincts of the main character. I’m glad we read this book from perspective of more than just one main character.


Second part of the book was plain scary and horrible – I was scared and disgusted since I don’t respond well to graphic violence. And readers be warned that there are some really disturbing scenes in this book.

“His experience, there was darkness everywhere human beings gathered. The way of the world. Perfection was a surface thing. The epidermis. Cut a few layers deep, you begin to see some darker shades. Cut to the bone – pitch black.”
― Blake Crouch, Pines

What I was waiting on the whole book was a science fiction part of the book that was promised all along. Revealing it would be a major spoiler so I will not say anything.


I loved the backstory. It was enough for me to want to watch the TV series. There are many unanswered questions but the thesis intrigued me quite a bit. At the end of the book was an actual afterword from the author explaining his inspiration and thanking the creators of Twin Peaks and some other shows that made his fascination turn into this book. All the TV shows he mentioned were my favorite so it is no wonder I liked this book and story it suggests.

Reading more books at the same time!


I am in the middle of reading more than one book most of the time. Maybe once a year I have a very short time with all books read and none started. I get very moody with my reading and that is the reason I keep looking for different books to read at the same time.

At the moment I’m reading:

Contes de Grimm by Marc Girard

Croatian translation of a french psychoanalyst Marc Girard. I’ve been reading it for a few months now and it is a very slow and difficult reading material. Last month I’ve read a similar type of a book and that made this one low priority.

marc girard

Opal (Lux book 3) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

This is a YA paranormal romance with aliens! I thought this book was gonna go much faster but it has been years since I’ve read first two books in the series. It is not as good as I remember and that is slowing me down.

A Perfect Blood (The Hollows book 10) by Kim Harrison

Urban fantasy series at it’s finest! Truth be told I’ve only read the intro. I love this series and I guess I’m waiting for a good time to cuddle up with it when nobody will bother me and I can enjoy it to the fullest!

Neuromancer (Sprawl Trilogy book 1) by William Gibson

This cyberpunk futuristic novel I started reading last month. I don’t like the feel of it so far but as it stands for a classic that  was first published the year I was born I’m more than willing to give it a chance.  I don’t think I’ll finish it this month.


Pines (Wayward Pines book 1 ) by Blake Crouch

This book was a spur of the moment pick. I wanted to pick some new arrival in the bookstore I work in. So far I’m not really sure what to think of it and I’m one third of the book in. It’s a thriller and has a total Twin Peaks feel to it. There is a HBO TV series by it and I haven’t watched it yet.

Sex Criminals (Sex Criminals vol 1) by Matt Fraction, Chip Zdrasky

This is a graphic novel I heard good good reviews few years back when it first came out. So far I like it and will probably post a review on it in a few days. I miss reading good graphic novels and I have one other I plan to read as well.


With all of these above I still have a craving for some historical romance genre. I might add some of that soon!