Night Broken – Book Review

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Finished reading:

Night Broken (Mercy Thompson book 8) by Patricia Briggs


This is one of the urban fantasy book series with seriously well made characters. Mercy Thompson is one of the most believable female protagonists I have ever read. Reading any of her stories is a truly satisfying experience. I enjoyed all of her books and this one was no exception.

I like how even supernatural characters have to deal with some very mundane problems and Mercy kicks butt while she is at it. Her Coyote ancestry gives her just the right amount of mischief to lighten up the mood but does not distract from thriller plot in general.



This time Mercy had a little extra trouble to add with all the supernatural baddies. Her werewolf mate’s ex-wife came to stay at their house. I admire Marcy for her courage and patience. Werewolves, shifters, ancient spirits, vampires and some silly humans too…

This is a tune to be played by Coyote Himself!



Can hardly wait for the next book to see how plot results from this book ripple out into the next ones!

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