Buffy corner


Finally I’ve made my own little Buffy corner. I’ve managed to put together all my Buffy and Angel themed books, graphic novels and few other things that are Buffy related into one single shelf. It’s a bit crowded on the shelf…


It is not a shrine to all things Buffy I own but it might be close. Beside the bookish things I have, there’s also an original soundtrack, an original game for Play Station 2 (I’ve never owned a Play station 2) and a first season of Buffy on VHS :p

Soundtrack is really good and I replayed it a few times. It’s basically teen angst compilation that went really well with the show. My favorites are Bif Naked and K’s Choice.



Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds for Play Station 2 I’ve tried playing a few times on a borrowed console. I liked the voice actors and all the little extra stuff in the game. Witty dialogue and Buffy talk are up to the standards of the show and I loved hearing them in the game.


Bad thing is it seems to have a glitch and the whole game freezes when I battle evil druid/magican Giles. It was a bit frustrating since he’s like a big boss or something and I never got to see how the ending of the game looks like šŸ˜¦


The VHS box set for the first season isĀ with Croatian regional settings and subtitles! It is the ONLY season that was available for buying in Croatia. The actual store I bought it in got burned down a decade ago and was never rebuilt.



The first season is only 12 episodes long and watching it on VHS is a completely different experience. The tapes themselves need to be re-winded from time to time because of theĀ magnetic tape. I have DVD/VHS player that can do that and I need to watch them soon.

It is actually a piece of history as a media type and a cultural quirk.

I would like to get at least one action figure Buffy themed for the shelf and that goes on the wishlist for the future. It will not happen any time soon though since I’m poor and they are not exactly easy to find around here.


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