Pleasure Hound – Part One and Part Two Review

pleasure hound parts

Pleasure Hound (Part One and Part Two) by Ines Johnson

First of I would like to clear something out! This “novel in parts” format is a bit annoying. Parts are under 100 pages long and together they make a whole book. It might be an excelent way of sampling a book but it is also the bane of people who hate clifhangers.


Pleasure Hound is a Kindle freebie I downloaded while looking for something to take my mind from The Tin Drum that was sucking my life energy away. I really had no expectations and haven’t even read what it is about.

When I strated reading I was pleasantly suprrised and enjoyed the fascinating world the author created. While reading the first part I was awake long into the night.


Pleasure Hound is a story set in the future. The future where the humankind has brought destruction to most of the world. As it turns out most of the knowledge of past is lost. Men are blamed for all the destruction. Women rule superior and are treated as blessed beings. Worship of the ultimate female Goddess is practiced.


Female babies are rare and women are revered for their supernatural abilities. Women are alinged with the Goddess and their presence makes land fertile and food avaliable. This book is an example of my least favorite genre – future dystopian.


Main female character of this story is Chanyn, a young woman whose mother decided to leave civilized world when she was pregnant and live alone in the ruins of the old world. Growing up with emotionaly cold mother and basicaly touch starved she knows nothing about how the world outside her home looks like. She cares for her mother until death. Few months later Chanyn’s solitary life is disupted by two men who search the apparently deserted ruins of Chanyn’s home for some type of a cure. Chanyn is a resorcefull young woman with a love of books, a firing weapon and wild look about her.


I’m not a fan of word by word reviews on books because I don’t like spoilers. This is why I will stop here with the introduction to the story. There are some warnings for future readers. This book is for mature audiences only. This is one of the rare freebies I’ve found with a topic of bisexual relationships within the futuristic genre. I like the characters and the fact that each has a background. I am delighted with authors worldbuilding.


What I really appreciate about the Part One, besides the first chapter of Part Two, is a link at the end. It gives you a contact to the authors site and provides a free Part Two. I’m still a firm believer in not buying ebooks under 100 pages. I make exceptions for novellas of favorite authors and series I love and collect. Here I’m actually thorn between supporting an author by buying her book since the 75 pages kindle edition is a bit pricey. Even with authors and series I love books this size are almost twice as cheaper.

pleasure hound 3 kindle


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