Dead Heat – Book Review


Finished reading:

Dead Heat (Alpha & Omega book 4)

by Patricia Briggs



Patricia Briggs is one of my favorite author in the urban fantasy genre. I always have high expectations from her books and have yet to read one I did not like. I loved the characters Charles and Anna ever since I’ve read their introduction novella in On the Prowl collection.



I kept waiting for this book to pull me in. Compared to the other book series of the genre I love and own, this one took me a while to read it trough. I loved finding out more about the characters I love soo much – still hoping for a Samuel story book!
What confused me a bit was the bad guy in this story. I loved the fact that this book series is parallel with Mercy and how we get to learn a bit more about them combined.


Maybe it is because it has been a while since I’ve read the last book and the villain in this one had a backstory in one of the previous books and I missed it; but I was left confused and felt like something was missing. The ominous intro had my expectations jump high and the matter was not fully realized by the end of the book.Maybe it served as an intro to what the future stories will be like now that the relations with the fey are strained. I’ll just have to wait and see for that.

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I understand that the author loves horses and she took great care with parts of the book explaining the breeding of horses and care of horses in amazing detail. Somehow for me as a person not involved in stuff like that it was OK – but I would have loved reading about fey lore more – especially the bad guy from this book!


The book was good but I wanted to be thrilled by it. I liked the preview chapter for Fire Touched (Mercy Thompson book 9) that came out last month 🙂


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