Dark Skye – Book Review


IMG_20160307_131938Finished reading

Dark Skye (Immortals After Dark Book 15)

by Kresley Cole



I have been an avid reader and collector of the Immortals After Dark book series by Kresley Cole for a while now. I had some issues on finding the book cover picture of the edition I own on the Internet so I made a picture of my own. I love the coloring and the design of these mass market papaerbacks! I’ve gotten myself this book in December last year. I loved the introduction to this book I read in the last one MacRieve.



I liked the characters right from the start. I liked their history and their strong life beliefs. Together they had such potential.

For some reason it took me few months to read trough this book when in most cases all the rest from this series I finish in a matter of days. Something was off and I did not click with this story.


Reading is a personal experience and for some reason I did not enjoy this book. The setting and the characters annoyed me mostly and at times I even felt violated while reading some of the sex scenes…


I wanted to give it a rating of two but then I read the last thirty pages and felt a bit better about it. What saved it for me was the ending and the part when the focus was on the other relationships in the was world of Immortals after dark and when bits and pieces from the previous books started to click together. Since it passed much time when I read the last book I had to double back and remember some things.

IAD banner

What made me squeal for joy was that one sentence from my favorite male character Lothaire:

Vrekeners actually exist?

L, The King


I did not enjoy this book as much as I hoped. This does not mean I’m going to stop reading this series. I will get my hands on the next book Sweet Ruin when it comes out in MMA this summer. Until then I might find the time and go back to some favorites from the series. This way I can catch up and enjoy the new books more.

Sweet Ruin 

Immortals After Dark book 16

By Kresley Cole

June 2016


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